Ghost Hunting With Mum: The Chant Circle

collage of ghost hunting photos

In 2005, my mum and I created our own ghost hunting team. At the time, we were called H.U.G.S, which stood for Have U Got Spooks? We later renamed ourselves Twelfth Hour Paranormal and then- when we became more rational investigators -Wiltshire Phenomena Research. I’ve decided to start sharing memories of ghost hunting with mum on this blog.. The first I’ve decided to share is quite a funny one which I think really demonstrates the dynamic that mum and I had while on investigations, and in day-to-day life, too.  Continue reading

Blogging: How I Learned to Deal with Trolls

pink troll cartoon montage

Ah, trolls…

I’ve been blogging, podcasting, and doing public talks in one form or another since my early twenties. I’m a paranormal researcher who is quite skeptical about paranormal claims and that annoys a lot of people. I’m also a woman who is quite opinionated and that also annoys a lot of people, too. In the decade(ish) that has passed since I first started blogging, I have experienced the wrath of a lot of trolls and mean people online. There is a tonne of advice given to young women about how to deal with this, but here is what I have learned… Continue reading

Book Review: Ghosts of the Tsunami

book cover

‘The tsunami was a thing of a different order, darker, stranger, massively more powerful and violent, without kindness or cruelty, beauty or ugliness, wholly alien. It was the sea coming onto land, the ocean itself picking up its feet and charging at you with a roar in its throat…’

I bought Ghosts of the Tsunami days before my mum died and wasn’t able to pick it back up for a long time afterwards. However, I have finished reading it and thoroughly recommend it. Continue reading

5 Tips For Getting Started as a Ghost Researcher

person in field with flashlight

Recently, the so-called “Paranormal Academy” shared a post via Social media about how to put together a ghost hunting kit for less than £50. Their guide recommends that people buy a collection of gadgets that are actually not designed for paranormal research at all. In response, I thought I’d put together an actual guide for those who want to start researching ghosts scientifically… Continue reading

Some Changes To My Blog

photo of Hayley with caption 'I Bust Ghosts.'

I have been writing a blog on one platform or another for about a decade now which, when I think about it, is quite impressive and scary. The readership of my blog continues to inspire me to write and I’m really pleased to engage with an equal mix of believers and non-believers in a range of subjects… Continue reading