Why I’ll No Longer Speak at ‘Seriously Strange’

I was invited to speak at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena’s [ASSAP] upcoming ‘Seriously Strange’ conference at the University of Bath in September 2017. I accepted the invitation and Continue reading Why I’ll No Longer Speak at ‘Seriously Strange’

30 Life Lessons From a 30-Year-Old Blogger

I turn 30 on 13th June and to mark this milestone, here are 30 life lessons from the first 30 years of my life: Continue reading 30 Life Lessons From a 30-Year-Old Blogger

QEDcon 2017 Ticket Applications

If you’d like to be in with the chance of receiving a free ticket to the fantastic¬†QEDcon 2017 please fill in the application form below.

There are no catches and it’s completely confidential with only me and the QEDcon website knowing who received the tickets! This offer is open to Students and Student ID may be required at registration.

Note: Once applications close at the end of June I put all of the names of applicants into a spreadsheet, allocate a number to each name and draw numbers at random until all tickets are allocated.

Listen: Why “Ghostbox” Can’t Be Taken Seriously

Episode 21 of The Spooktator looked at Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and the Ghostbox and during the show, I played examples of EVP recordings made by active ghost hunters including one from Erica Gregory. If you’ve read my previous writing on Gregory you’ll know that she believes to have uncovered hidden information relating to the Moors Murders which were perpetrated by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Her evidence for this are her EVP recordings and psychic work, but it turns out that not all is what it seems with the recordings… Continue reading Listen: Why “Ghostbox” Can’t Be Taken Seriously