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Ghost Researchers: For Life, Not Just For Halloween

by Hayley Stevens in Most Recent 0

I get it. I really do. It’s almost Halloween and ghosts, monsters and witches are Halloween-y, right? You’re a marketing agency or media outlet and you’ve got something to sell, and maybe you’ll sell more of them if you make them ghost-y, monster-y, or witch-y themed. And if you get an expert in to give some ghost-y, monster-y, or witch-y facts and quotes about the thing then maybe you’ll sell even more of the thing! Woohoo profits!  And wait a minute, it gets better – I’m a ghost expert who is also a millenial! I know facts and I even have opinions and quotes that I can give to you which are ghost-y, and because I’m young and a non-believer, my soundbites reach a potentially bigger target audience!   Here’s the deal, though.  I’ve got bills to pay, dudes. I need to eat, pay my rent and bills, and put clothes on my [...]




Hayley Stevens has been researching paranormal and fortean phenomena since her teens. She now knows far more than anybody needs to know about ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and demons, and she doesn't even believe in them. What a weirdo.

Find out more about Hayley here.

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