Piers Morgan is Fake News

2 Jul, 2018 1

I never thought I’d write about Piers Morgan on this blog, but here goes… It’s really good to ask questions and to not accept claims at face value. I think it’s an integral part of […]

5 Tips For Getting Started as a Ghost Researcher

14 Jan, 2018 2

Recently, the so-called “Paranormal Academy” shared a post via Social media about how to put together a ghost hunting kit for less than £50. Their guide recommends that people buy a collection of gadgets that […]

People Ask Me Questions: The Scole Experiment

22 Aug, 2017 1

Recently, at a talk delivered for the wonderful Glasgow Skeptics, an audience member asked my thoughts on the Scole experiment. I wasn’t able to recall offhand what the experiment involved and so was not able […]

Are 2% of Ghost Reports Genuinely Paranormal?

16 Feb, 2017 1

Peter Underwood once suggested that 98% of the reports of hauntings were likely to have rational explanations, but that he was most interested in the 2% that could be genuine (Underwood, 1983). This is a […]

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