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Hello! My name is Hayley and I’m a paranormal researcher who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Instead, I attempt to find rational causes for the weird things people claim to experience. I do this by using scientific scepticism and rational inquiry. I believe that paranormal research has an ethics problem; you can read my opinion on why here, and you can find my code of ethics here.

Although I specialise in ghosts, I’m interested in all manner of weird stuff and as such consider myself a bit of a Fortean at heart. I have been known to investigate lake monsters and Big Cat sightings among other oddities because I am truly fascinated with the wonderfully weird parts of society.

I am studying towards a BSc (Hons) Psychology and, in my spare time (when I’m not doing the ghost or monster thing,) I produce a podcast called The Spooktator which examines paranormal related headlines on a monthly basis.

Fun fact: In 2014, I fulfilled a lifetime goal and visited the tomb of the Mackenzie poltergeist and challenged it to punch me. It didn’t.

My writing has been published in Skeptical Inquirer, Paranormal Magazine, the UK Skeptic magazine and elsewhere, too. I’m terrible at pitching but if you’d like to commission a piece please click here. I am regularly invited to speak at conferences and events. See my Lanyrd profile for details of past and future talks. If you’d like to invite me to speak at an event click here, but please note that I do require travel and accommodation costs to be covered as applicable but this is open to negotiation. You can follow me on Twitter here, and find a Facebook page for my blog here where I share interesting stuff.

If you’d like to hear me discuss what I do in more detail here are two interviews I have given that I think will help:

1) The Cosmic Shed podcast invited me onto their Ghostbusters 2016 episode

2) I was interviewed by Selina Scott for BBC Radio 4’s One to One


Best Skeptic Blog, The Ockham’s Award 2015 (I was also shortlisted in 2013, 2014)


‘…the Scully end of the X-Files spectrum’ The Times

“knows what [she’s] talking about.” Dr Steven Novella

“You’re very persuasive…” Selina Scott on BBC Radio 4

“Asshole” – dubious psychic, Chip Coffey

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