Hayley Stevens is a ghost geek.

half a hayleyA paranormal researcher based in Wiltshire in the South West of England, she investigates reports of paranormal activity using scientific scepticism and rational inquiry, including ghost phenomena and monster sightings. Hayley began researching paranormal phenomena in 2005 aged 18 as a believer in all sorts of paranormal ideas, but started blogging as a non-believer in 2007. Her writing can be found in numerous publications including Skeptical Inquirer, Paranormal Magazine, Skeptic Magazine and more.

Photo: Rob McDermott, Flickr

Skepticamp ’14 | Photo: Rob McDermott, Flickr

Hayley acts as a media adviser for numerous media outlets ranging from from the BBC to regional newspapers, offering advice on odd stories and topics, and works with other researchers on an adhoc basis. She has also spoken internationally about researching the paranormal, including audiences for DenkfestQEDconCentre For InquiryBritish Humanist Association, European Skeptics Congress and more.

In 2013 and 2014 the ‘Hayley is a Ghost’ blog was short-listed for The Skeptic magazine’s Occham’s Award for ‘Best Skeptic Blog’. She used to co-host the Righteous Indignation Podcast (2009 – 2012) and, until recently, the Be Reasonable Podcast.

What people say about Hayley

‘…at the Scully end of the Mulder-Scully X-Files Spectrum’ – The Times

‘… knows what [she’s] talking about’ Steven Novella MD

‘More skeptics like Hayley, please’ Greg Newkirk, Planet Weird

“the quintessential definition of a reasoned skeptic” -  Micah Hanks

‘one of the most open and vitally observant voices to emerge from the oft self-abusive ranks of the skeptical sub-culture.’ Reality Sandwich