Huff Paranormal Didn’t Contact Robin Williams’ Ghost…

(even though they think they did!)

The tagline on the Huff Paranormal website states ‘Pushing The Boundaries Of Spirit Communication’ so that you know from the start that they’re completely biased in their research which mainly involves the use of ghost box and similar pseudo-scientific ghost “communication” devices. I visited their website specifically because it is claimed that the spirit of Robin Williams spoke to them via a ghost box.

… I was doing a spirit box session and heard his [Robin Williams] voice come through after I asked for him. For the following week I was able to connect with, what I feel, is the spirit of Robin. Of course, it may not be but some of this REALLY sounds like him, and the last message I was able to receive about the light and being with his Dad was very emotional for me when it came in. After that last message nothing else came in. That was it and for me it sounds like he has crossed over, and I feel 100% that he has.

This obviously raises a number of questions; what evidence supports the claim that these devices allow communication with the dead? Why would Robin Williams communicate with this guy in particular? Do ghost hunters have no shame these days?

Anyone who has attended one of my public talks will likely have seen my own ghost box and how it operates. No doubt you will have also seen me running around the room trying to pick up on a good radio reception for my demonstration because that is what the Ghost Box relies on. It is a pocket radio with a simple scanning function which searches through the airwaves until a broadcasting station is discovered. Most people would stop on that station and listen to it, but ghost hunters disable that function so that the device constantly scans through different stations. The resulting chatter and noise is allegedly used by spirits to communicate.

Essentially it is total baloney and ghost hunters are making sense out of random snippets of noise from various sources, seeking meaningful patterns where there are none. It isn’t at all surprising that while scanning through multiple broadcast channels these ghost hunters heard what sounded like Robin Williams because in the days following his death people were sharing his work left, right and centre in celebration of a man that touched a lot of people with his work… the problem is though that none of their “evidence” of communication with Williams’ sounds very much like him at all.

I’ve embedded the video below – you need to skip forward to eight minutes and thirty seconds in because the first  eight and a half minutes are an at times defensive justification from the Huff Paranormal researcher. There are four alleged communications from Robin Williams and I’ve outlined them below for those who don’t want to watch the video.

Huff Paranormal: Are you there Robin?
Alleged response: ‘We’re waiting’

Huff Paranormal: Are you with the angels Robin?
Alleged response: ‘That’s up in heaven’, ‘Fuck’, ‘I must have got it wrong’

Huff Paranormal: Robin, if you’re there can you come through?’
Alleged response: ‘can Robin come?’ ‘I’m dead’

Alleged message: ‘there is light’, ‘I’m here with dad’

Suffice to say I don’t hear anything that much resembles what they are claiming the spirit of Robin Williams said to them and I’m not unconvinced that they’re hearing random sounds and are making sense out of them when there is none to be made.

It has to be said that there is something incredibly selfish abut making the tragic death of a well loved public figure into something that is all about you. I am no longer shocked at this sort of behaviour from pseudo-scientific ghost hunters but it does pull into question their agenda when in their video they talk of Robin Williams perhaps regretting taking his own life.

“maybe he is stating he got it wrong, as in, taking his own life or maybe what he is seeing o where he is…’

Nobody has the right to put that guilt or that regret on a dead person even if they have “four years of spirit work” to their name and are just speculating. That really crosses a line and I think they should be ashamed.

Perhaps their website tagline could be updated to ‘Pushing The Boundaries Of Spirit Communication And Taste’?

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Hayley is a ghost geek and started to blog in 2007. She uses scientific scepticism to investigate weird stuff and writes about it here while also speaking publicly about how to hunt ghosts as a skeptic.

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  1. Saw this on youtube. I’m not shocked by how low people will go but was suprised by all the comments left by people who didn’t get it was a scam.

    • No offense, but this article sucks. You really have no evidence at all, just your opinion. If you are going to debunk it go after the audit. Find similar audio where he might have gotten it from and match it. Research other audio experts that have debunked this. Seriously you suck, stop blogging.

    • It’s absolutely not a scam. This man believes 100% and what he is doing whether he is doing the above is another question but it is not qualified as a scam. if it was a scam he would be asking for people’s money and he is not. One could say that his YouTube Channel generates money and I guess that could qualify it is a scam but I know this man and I can tell you right now that he believes what he was doing.

      Is for this article talk about bias. This woman is of the same ilk is the OJ Simpson jury. She seems to be unable to distinguish a shadow of a doubt for the concept of A Reasonable Doubt. If you scan through these comments below you can see many cases where she is like a small child in the school yard denying anything you say based on the shadow of a doubt principle.

      I understand the misgivings of people with this technology I have the same doubts myself. But I have heard some amazing things that I cannot explain, not in the least! I typically just chalk these phenomena up to coincident but Time After Time After Time After Time couldn’t coincidence happen at what point do you say that’s just too many coincidences?

      There are many responses that are crystal clear answers directing answers to questions which the only option you have if you’re a skeptic is to say that is a coincidence. But when this sort of thing happens 10 times in one session calling it a coincidence becomes sort of ridiculous. A better hypothesis would be that this is a total manipulation and this person is intentionally tricking us. But again this leads me back to the fact that I know him and I know that he believes this a hundred percent and would never do that.

      I believe in the Paranormal there is no two ways about it if you lived in my shoes growing up you would believe too. There’s simply no explanation for the things that have happened in my life. For example my father we use a Ouija board like most people use the telephone. If you need to track me down he would pull out the Ouija board and find out where I was and he would drive right to that spot and pick me up. Whether it be in a park or walking down a specific Street halfway across town he would drive directly to that spot and pick me up and tell me that we were going out to dinner or some other thing. One time my bicycle is stolen when I was very young so we pulled out the Ouija board located it we drove right to the house and got it. He was in a neighborhood we’ve never been in before at least I have never been in before if an object was missing around the house same thing he would find it I mean instantly it was just what he did and it worked every single time. I’m not talking about a couple of times during his lifetime I’m talking about everyday! he had volumes of predictions of catastrophic events that every single one of them came true. There’s absolutely no way that coincidence could ever explain any of it.

      So while Amy have my doubts about certain Technologies did I being used I certainly am not a skeptic in the Paranormal in general.

  2. “what evidence supports the claim that these devices allow communication with the dead?”

    Intelligent responses. As with typical EVP, there are voices that come through and sometimes those voices answer direct questions. The man that made the video also briefly spoke with his father, as his father’s voice came through. As with this case and many like it, these people know what their friends and families sound like. Where do these voices come from?

    “Why would Robin Williams communicate with this guy in particular? ”

    Many random voices come through, but it seems this man is attracted to them. Perhaps Robin heard him calling?

    The above comment: It’s not a scam. It’s just a voice that came through radio frequency that sounded exactly like Robin Williams. Just because you and the writer of this rant-piece don’t agree with it, doesn’t make it false nor does it make the man behind it false. There is no denying who that sounded like, and you know it, and I think that is what threatens you since it brings you out of your bubble. Try it for yourselves, you may be surprised to hear your grandparents come through.

    • The above comment: It’s not a scam. It’s just a voice that came through radio frequency that sounded exactly like Robin Williams. Just because you and the writer of this rant-piece don’t agree with it, doesn’t make it false nor does it make the man behind it false. There is no denying who that sounded like, and you know it, and I think that is what threatens you since it brings you out of your bubble. Try it for yourselves, you may be surprised to hear your grandparents come through.

      Two of my grandparents are dead, true, but if they came through I’d think “this is unlikely because the ghost box does not communicate with the dead.” I’d also think “It’s okay though, I’ll never resort to using emotional arguments to prove my point by bringing people’s dead relatives into the conversation though”, so there.

    • THANK YOU! I agree it sounded EXACTLY like him! I’m not a paranormal investigator, but from what I read, these scanners change radio stations 10 times a second…a SECOND! How could the sentence, “I must have got it wrong” come through so clearly…and in his voice, changing stations so frequently? If this writer of this artical doesn’t like this paranormal guy, then he shouldn’t watch his paranormal YouTube videos…but he shouldn’t put down what he doesn’t understand.

    • Firstly, I am the author and I am female. Secondly, I do understand electronic voice phenomena and Instrumental Trans Communication so I’m quite entitled to write about it and don’t need your permission to do so. Thirdly, the reason it sounds like “I must have got it wrong” is because you’re told to expect to hear that and, from the garbled sounds, you pick up what sounds like that which you are expecting to hear. This is the pareidolia effect at work, where we see order in randomness because our brains are hardwired to do so. May I politely suggest that it is you who doesn’t understand that which you’re writing about?

  3. I heard Huff Paranormal vid on you tube. It definitely Sounded like Robin Williams–same tonality. There are Waaay too many objections on Your part based on Your bias Against communication with the dead. The world is Not flat Hayley. Wake up and Appreciate these interdimensional forays into communication with the still-sentient, still-thinking people who’ve passed on. Your bias is counter productive.

    • Though you are absolutely correct when you point out that the world is not flat you are incorrect that I need to “wake up and Appreciate” anything. You think it sounds like Robin Williams, I don’t think it sounds like Robin Williams. You think it’s possible to communicate with the deceased, I do not think it is possible to communicate with the deceased.

      I did not think that writing this post would change the minds of anyone who read it, so the question is, did you think that your comment would change my mind?

      It didn’t, by the way. I don’t care if you think my “bias” is counter-productive. I am not going to accept the claim that people can communicate with the dead without substantial evidence… and I would go as far as to say that if you think that these recordings are evidence then you are settling your bar waaaay too low.

    • Faith. Theres to many coincidence. With some people who have the gift to talk to the dead. If u beleave n GOD as i do, u no about faith. Not tryen to change anyones mind, just putten it out there. An, yea, it sounded like robin williams. GOD rest his soul

    • I will have to agree with Hayley’s synopsis of the video, I dont know if there is a follow up to this but the late Robin williams family called Steve huff out on splicing old interviews together (FUNNILY AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE) using the app programme he had created which earned his over $15k+ in ad revenue alone, the same has happened with the 4x xxxtenacion video’s he created and was called out by leon lush a youtuber, he got attacked by hundreds of huf haters for that video, all that is done is play the voice using his guitar amp creation reverse pedals that slow down/speed up/ distort the voice, he has been called out because those of us in the INIT/ITC field find this behaviour a disgrace that you not only profit from a celebrity death but you claim your off the shelf lunchbox branded guitar amp allows you pass claim to being the chosen one and now claiming your a psychic medium without the hint of any real evidence.

      if you want to follow the greatest con on earth go ahead those of use who surpass this charlatan in experience know exactly what he is about and it isn’t about respect or having his “Love is the Key” motto when it comes to turning over a coin or two, this will end up badly for him and his followers and it is sad to see Hope Paranormal going down the same route as he is now friends with Steve huff and using the same techniques he has been taught – Haley he is another one that needs scrutinizing especially his latest video ON ANTHONY BOURDAIN – hope paranormals claim that he can help using his steve huff wonderbox to help him move to the light!

      I’ll leave that with you

  4. What I want to know is, how can any spirit sound like its living counterpart when it lacks the physical body that made its voice sound unique? How could Robin Williams sound like Robin Williams without the throat, vocal chords and larynx that made his voice sound like his voice? Spirits don’t have bodies so at best their ‘voices’ should be a featureless monotone.

    • There is something after death..I do not no what it is or were we go..but I do believe that there is..everyone at some point in their lifetime..gets a feeling..a chill..a moment that puts the thought that there’s a spiritual beings amongst us..think hard in your life time on this..reflect back..I’m sure you had that feeling…ps not a religious freek..just remembering my moments

  5. I disagree with you, Hayley. My brother passed away after a fatal car accident back in 1990. I was 5 years old at the time. I always wanted to talk to him. To be able to hear his voice. I have conducted many evp sessions (not using a ghost box) and have recorded a voice that made my parents break down and cry because they said it was him. Me wanting to be able to contact my brother has gotten me into the paranormal research field. So don’t judge something you apparently do not understand. Of course, it’s typical for a skeptic to deny something that they haven’t experienced themselves. Take a digital recorder and try it. You might be surprised.

    • No, Brian, it is YOU that ‘might be surprised’ to discover I have a ghost box and dictaphones and ten years of experience of conducting Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans-Communication sessions. That’s an aside from the countless seances, glass divination and dowsing sessions I conducted and led, too. Yet I still completely disagree with the claims being made and it is because of my experience with these techniques. Do not presume that I disagree with you simply because I have a lack of experience. That is a very big error on your part.

  6. I agree the voice sounded exactly like Robin Williams’ but I don’t understand the mechanics of how this can happen. I would like to parrot Kay’s question as to how a spirit can sound like themselves without a physical body.

    • Basically, as described in the blog post, the devices scan radio broadcasts really quickly and you hear fast snippets of each radio station. This jumbled up sound can create audio illusions and you will hear random words but you are hearing them out of context as you’re only hearing a 1 second snippet of the broadcast.

      If you think about it, following Robin Williams’ death, he was all over the radio, internet and television. It isn’t at all surprising that his voice would have been picked up by a device scanning through different radio stations. They would have been playing interviews with him from the past, clips from his films etc.

    • Oh yes, I completely agree with you about Robin Williams’ voice recordings. I am asking a more general question about EVPs where voices are heard and folks have said they recognize the voice as a family member. I believe in the paranormal- it’s the voice phenomenon is something I can’t understand.

  7. Great article, Hayley! What I really found telling was the hostility shown by this Huff Paranormal guy towards any commenters who dared to criticize this supposed EVP. Obviously he’s not at all interested in having a rational discussion about it – just “believe me or you’re evil!”

    • I have been watching huff paranormal for about a year I guess. I did believe the Robin Williams clip but as you stated it was all over the radio. I don’t think about if it was distasteful or not but is it the truth? That’s what I care. I just joined a paranormal group in my area and I’m really into whether or not spirits can communicate. I do see that huff paranormal does get mad at questioning him. So is he and all those on tv fake? I don’t know. How can we prove otherwise?

  8. Nah, I’ve seen/read what he’s says in response to nay sayers and he is never hostile. There’s always going to be people who disagree. To each his own.

  9. Don’t be so sure that this is or is not true either way. No one really knows for sure. It does sound strikingly similar to Robin Williams, but is it just random radio snippets of him in the days following his death or is it him communicating in real time? Radio seems tricky in trying to prove something paranormal, I would however not be so quick to assume that communication with the dead isn’t possible. I know it’s possible. I have experienced it first hand with more than one individual who has passed on, just not in this way (radio/EVP).

    • I understand @Hayley. I am the same way. I am a die hard skeptic and i don’t simply take anyone’s word for it with stuff like this. With my experiences, they were real and actually shocking and i spent a lot of time questioning every angle myself. Because it is a bit much to explain, i won’t explain it or defend it. I think healthy skepticism is a valid response to anything paranormal. I do know because of my own experiences, that there is a spiritual realm outside of our normal perception. Beyond realizing that, i can’t explain what or “where” it is. All i mean to say is this; anyone speaking in absolutes about knowing exactly what happens after death, i would be questioning to the nth degree, even if their arguments are for life after death or against it. I don’t condemn you for being skeptical Hayley. You should be. For those of you who have experienced individuals that have passed on, you know that there is no “convincing” people of that. Hold on to those experiences and do share them, but also realize there are people out here who will never believe it and that’s okay.

    • I think Steve huff is a great guy..I don’t think he would scam or pretend anything..I have the apps.I talk to my cousin who passed away in is undeniably him.I believe spirits go to ppl they trust and have a positive attitude on love and who have also been doing it for many years.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I have personally known this man and not only has he not been investigating the paranormal for the last 4 years, like he claims, but he also has quite a bit of experience in video/sound/photo production. In my opinion, he is quite the charlatan and is proof that some will sadly exploit the tragedy of a family’s death to toot their own horn. My condolences to any family that turns to him in hopes of hearing from a love one who has passed. I have a great deal of respect for legit paranormal investigation. And I believe in communication with the dead. I assure you, Steve Huff of Huffparanormal is NOT communicating with the dead. Thank you for your post.

    • Exactly this. I am in the same neighborhood as Mr. Huff, I know him, I know his A/V business, and no, he hasn’t been investigating paranormal for 4 years. I don’t expect his cult followers would listen anyway, even to someone who sees who he is off camera. (Until they get ripped off by him.) Sad.
      And what’s more sad, is those who are in denial of being naive and ripped off, and they tell themselves the app they bought (for $50) works, they grasp at the sound bits and convince themselves that it’s working, even though it sounds nothing like the videos. Which are absolutely frauded, he uses the top 10 countdown from KUPD, the Phoenix rock station, as the voice calling him “chosen one” (it’s actually the DJ saying “number one”) There are plenty of KUPD countdown clips online to compare it to.
      I know all about Steve, and what he’s doing to people who are blinded by grief and desperation, is sick. He’s a covert narcissist, insisting that everyone who knows the truth about him is just bullies and haters. Playing the victim just so he can make a few more dollars. There’s a reason Google Play store won’t let his apps be there. I wish people would wake up. This chosen one nonsense is getting way out of hand, it’s becoming cult like.

  11. Dear Hayley:
    You are currently on the rite track. Most importantly follow your heart, and let the haters hate. They are just narrow minded. Personally over the years I have become very broad minded. This has come from my search and quest. I have had the opportunity if you can call it that to have been clinically dead three times, I have developed an unexplainable sense of awareness. If you wish to know more contact me. It’s really private and I don’t share with everyone.

  12. No one has the right to claim what is disrespectful or not. No one but the people involved. Some spirits have unfinished business. If you were stranded somewhere without any way to communicate and suddenly you can and have an important message to get out wouldn’t you do it? It is not for the living to decide for the dead. Spirits can and will make contact any way possible. To argue over this is pointless.

  13. General trash talk about Steve Huff’s work as a whole that borders on threats is way out of line….there are always ways of constructively criticizing to everyone’s results…let’s not go overboard..

  14. Huff trashed himself He has some mighty big balls that Robin would be like ” Come on huff I’m waiting for you to contact me. I want you to have your 15 minutes before I contact my family or anyone. You are the most important person ever.” Said no recently passed on celebrate soul ever

  15. I appreciate your scepticism. I have the same opinion of Huff. It lead me to buying several ghost boxes. I now disagree and believe we can communicate with something intelligent. Is it dead people? Who knows, but something is saying my name (Keng Murray) not an easy one to hear on the radio……..Answering generic questions as you say could be random radio that I am simply choosing to believe is an answer. May I ask you how long you have been trying to use your ghost box? It took me a while to get some kind of validation. Also I would like to make a point. I DO NOT CONSIDER THIS EVIDENCE. I would only say that what I have experienced has led me to conclude personally that I will continue doing sessions for further validation at this point.

    • What you’re saying makes no sense. You’ve said “I now believe we can communicate with something intelligent” and then “I do no consider this evidence”. Which is it?

      The question about how long I’ve used such devices for has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. I have been a paranormal investigator for just over a decade. However, these devices are nonsense devices, it’s really that simple.

  16. I understand your hesitation with the Spirit Box and I am apprehensive too BUT when used properly (in a faraday cage/bag) all the radio station frequencies are blocked out. If a voice comes through you can be guaranteed is is not from a station. I love too how people call paranormal investigation “pseudo-science”. Anyone who is familiar with the paranormal can tell you “science” has yet to prove the existence of spirits. EVERYTHING in the paranormal world is based on a theory. From EMF. to Spirit Boxes. From ION changes to EVPs. Unfortunately even if there was undeniable proof of their existence some people would still deny it. Just because science in a lab or “controlled environment” is not used does not mean the means that discovery happens is not valid. Think of it this way, if someone hit the lottery and wins 10 million dollars, that can never be duplicated in a controlled environment or in a lab no matter how hard you try. Yet it did happen right? Just because an occurrence but it cannot be duplicated does not mean it did not happen and it was not real. Come on now, don’t have such a closed mind 🙂

    • I understand your hesitation with the Spirit Box and I am apprehensive too BUT when used properly (in a faraday cage/bag) all the radio station frequencies are blocked out

      There are other possible reasons that distinctive sounds could be heard on a recording that don’t rely upon external frequencies. What doesn’t make sense here is that the claim is that the ghostbox and similar devices rely upon the frequencies for the “spirit” to be able to communicate, but you’re saying that this isn’t the case?

      Additionally, even if putting the device in a faraday cage still produces so-called “voices” how do you know they’re the voices of dead people? What proof do you have of that? There is none – it’s a leap of logic.

      I love too how people call paranormal investigation “pseudo-science”. Anyone who is familiar with the paranormal can tell you “science” has yet to prove the existence of spirits.

      I don’t think you quite understand how much you’ve just contradicted your own point here. What is being refered to as psuedo-science are the techniques that people use that sound scientific but are not scientific. You are also correct that science has yet to prove the existence of spirits. It’s because there is no proof that spirits exist. People like you keep making out it’s because the scientific method is flawed, but actually it is your reasoning that is flawed. It’s easier to make out that science is the problem though because then you don’t have to deal with the cognitive dissonance that comes with contradicting ideas.

      You also apparently do not know the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. I think you need to go back to school and revisit your science education. Or perhaps you could buy a dictionary because, quite frankly, your comment makes no sense at all.

    • Ghosts lack vocal chords-how do they “talk” without a layrnx and vocal folds? You might pick up residual vibes from a person’s lifetime. I am a speech-language pathologist who has worked with folks who have had vocal fold trauma and paralysis. They can’t talk. How does a ghost make a voice? I’ve heard ghosts speaking (I have a gift of mediumship) and I always wonder how they do this. How did Robin Williams come through for Steve? You say it is all smoke and mirrors but it is unmistakably his voice. Most of his interviews were upbeat so if he was saying the “f” word it must have been from a movie and slowed down to sound like he was agonized. This recording raises more questions than answers and to summarily say it’s bogus seems narrow minded at best, closed at worst.

    • Hi Hayley, I didn’t quote you as having said the word “bogus” but the sentiment suggests you feel Steve’s recording is. When you say “where’s the evidence?” I have evidence I am a speech-language pathologist and that people without a speech mechanism cannot talk. That’s empirical evidence documented in case studies. That is easy to see and understand but can I prove I’m a medium? No. I can share my experiences but that would be discounted as anecdotal.

      I have heard ghosts talking like a person would talk. I have had other paranormal experiences and I don’t like it. A Priest told me I have “spiritual gifting.” He said not to be afraid of spirits- they can’t hurt me. Is that evidence? I have gotten subliminal messages for the living that made no sense to me but when I tell the person what I “heard” they are astonished.

      As one example I had a message for a best friend from high school. We had been out of touch for years. I called her out of the blue and told her what I heard. It seemed like a silly thing to do but she later told me it saved her pet’s life. I didn’t even know she had a cat. This cat was my friend’s whole life and it was suffering from a rare illness. She had taken it to several vets and no one could diagnose what it was dying from. had. I told her what the cat had and she said I was mistaken. I told her she needed to get another opinion and rule out food allergies. Acting on my “information” she had tests run and found out the cat could not eat anything except lamb. It went from being at death’s door to living another 5 years. She later told me I had such conviction she didn’t even know it was me- even my voice sounded different. Perhaps her mother, whom I knew as a child came through. I didn’t even know she had a cat, much less presume to know how to diagnose an ill one. Is that evidence? No probably not. All I know is she called and thanked me repeatedly for having saved its life. I have also gotten other messages and told friends but they ignored it and later regretted not having acted on it. In another example a good friend had sold her house and I got a message she should see an attorney and separate the sale assets from her husband’s. She wouldn’t hear of it. Later she learned he was having an affair and would sue her for divorce and claim most of the estate. Is this evidence or coincidence? Do spirits reach out to loved ones through “sensitives”? Yes, I believe they do- I do because I am one. I have no evidence- just experiences.

    • I recently wrote a blog post on why interesting anecdotes are not data, but I’m sure you already know that. If you personally count your experiences as evidence then good for you, but they’re not evidence.

      I have not said the recordings are bogus. I have explained in great detail why I do not believe they are paranormal in nature. By claiming that I have said they are bogus you are suggesting I have said he has used deceptive means to make these recordings. I have not said this anywhere and I request that you do not misrepresent what I have said.

      I have evidence I am a speech-language pathologist and that people without a speech mechanism cannot talk. That’s empirical evidence documented in case studies.

      You’re pointing out the obvious here but this actually has no relation to the subject in question. If you claim that because people without a speech mechanism cannot talk as evidence that these voices are somehow paranormal then that’s an astounding leap of logic on your part.

    • Hayley, Apparently you have not heard me or I wasn’t clear. I purposely said anecdotal experiences are not evidence and gave you some examples of what I’ve experienced that I could never claim as “evidence.” I only mentioned the anatomy and lack of voice as an example of what one could call as being evidence. Evidence for the afterlife does not exist unless you know something we don’t and if so, please enlighten your listening audience.

    • I only mentioned the anatomy and lack of voice as an example of what one could call as being evidence.

      What exactly are you on about? This doesn’t make any sense. Evidence of what, and how?

  17. Thanks for a great article Hayley.

    After hearing through the video here. I must say there is nothing which I would claim is the voice of Robin Williams. Also the recordings are so bad that it hurts and the answers he received from Robin Williams give little to no logic, you actually need to make excuses to find something logical in it.

  18. I agree with you Hayley. I have been researching the paranormal since 1978. I have been a paranormal investigator since 2004. I study EVP. My EVP evidence that I have obtained on cases tells me that I might have been lucky enough to capture the paranormal.

    However, the ghost box is a ridiculous tool made for people who just want to believe in ghosts. it’s lazy-man evidence, just like digital orbs are for many so-called paranormal investigators.

    Some EVP captured on recording devices are unexplainable. Scanning radio frequency for evidence of the paranormal says a lot about the people who believe in these devices…

    • Hi James, thanks for visiting my site and I’m glad that you can see where I’m coming from regarding the GhostBox. However, I am finding it really difficult to understand how to can accept the criticism of the ghostbox but not see that the same applies to Electronic Voice Phenomena.

  19. Hi Hayley,

    Simply put, digital and cassette recorders are not built to receive radio transmissions while that is all the ghostbox does. Scan radio waves for voices.

    I do agree that you can pick up a stray radio voice on a recorder from time to time, but it all depends on what type of recording device you use as well. When I investigate a location, I rig at least 2 recording devices per each room. This helps dismiss the natural noises from the unexplainable ones. It is unfortunate that here in the states hardly anyone does this. Loyd Auerbach once told me that if you only use one recorder during EVP sessions, your evidence is useless. I agree.

    I thought the whole EVP theory was impossible until I became a paranormal investigator in 2004. I studied EVP first, went out to actually try and prove that it was all a hoax, then actually realized that there was validity to EVP when using standard recording devices. I used both cassette and digital. I also used an array of different microphone devices as well.

    It was not until 2007 when I investigated the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ, that my opinion about EVP changed. I blanketed the entire building with recorders, Omni directional microphones, one shotgun microphone which I monitored live during all of the EVP sessions. I believe it was 23 recorders plus cameras that night. Since the Birdcage Theatre is very small, we were easily able to do this

    That night I was lucky enough to capture a very clear response to a question I asked:

    James: “How many Soiled Doves live here?”

    EVP: “None! ” In a very loud and clear voice answered my question.

    I was very shocked that one of the recorders in the basement picked up this response. I was even more shocked when the two other recorders in the basement did not pick up this response and they should have. There were only 5 of us upstairs sitting quietly while no one was in the basement below.

    I don’t know if you allow links, but on you can hear this EVP. Jeff Belanger asked my permission to use it in his short documentary called ” Paranormal Journey’s with Jeff Belanger, Tombstone.” Here is the link:

    I also recorded a voice once in a very active private residence that actually repeated a word I said in a voice other than my own. That was a big eye opener for me as well.

    If you are interested in EVP, please check out David Rountree’s book “Paranormal Technology.” He has been investigating EVP for over 30 years and is an audio engineer. He too rejects the ghost box. But not conventional EVP methods. He has some interesting data on it.


  20. Huff is a cook. Most of his snippets are from commercials or radio shows.

    It’s blatantly obvious the the “god quote was from a religious program. “For the kids” was a commercial.

    Such a joke

  21. What I don’t understand is why anyone would want their dead loved ones confined to some kind of limbo where they are not in heaven but are not alive. Huff keeps saying these spirits want him to help them find the light. What a sad thought that all that’s waiting for you after death is this douchebag who is using tragedy to become famous. He’s as bad as John Edwards. And how selfish of you people to believe him! Let your dead ones be! Trying to stir up ghosts is only to make yourself feel better by convincing yourself that you’re bond with them was special enough that it transcends death. Either that or want the world to see you as someone who has a special gift. Get over yourself, live your life while you have it, and let the dead rest is peace.

  22. Why bother writing a negative opinion of someone else’s work in the first place. I felt like Steve huff was paying homage to Robin Williams . I heard what sounds to me like robins voice … Why is everyone so nasty ??? Why can’t the author of this post discuss relavant issues like how ISIS is killing people all in the name of “Allah”. How millions of people on this planet are suffering from political wars and can’t find apace of refuge ?? No let’s put some guy down over a claim he spoke with Robin Williams … Oh and btw. He also made a DISCLAIMER it wasn’t necessarily robin Williams. Ho convenient you left that attribute out of your”opinion”

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I also write about terrorism on this blog and I have volunteered my time collecting much needed items to donate to refugee camps in Europe so thanks for your “concern” but I’ve got that covered. In other news, Steve Huff doesn’t talk to dead people because there’s no such thing as ghosts.

  23. I was waiting to read a hard argument, you know, something that really debunk the phenomena, and what did i read it? more about those stupid skeptics arguments than have been defeated many time ago. There are experiencies and experiments in Italy, Spain Russia, Great Britain, Bruxelles, and skeptics still give us the same stupid arguments, from sixties I am listening the same explanations. NO, these sounds are not radio voices. Can you say me what is the probability to hear something like “can Robin come?’ ‘I’m dead’” in a radio broadcast? I’ll tell you: perhaps 0.01%

    In addition, you are not considering all those research made using direct voices and recorded voices using different recording devices. Don’t you know what is “direct voices”?, then go to study!!! It’s the first step than fuc** skeptics must be do. I’m so tired of this!

  24. The entire post and discussions related to it look like a bunch of immature 12 year olds trying desperatly to debunk something they dont understand or dont want to believe because they’re scared. You’re insulting and making fun of an innocent person who’s just trying to make sense of something they themselves hardly understand. At least he says it’s his own personal belief and everybody else is welcome to believe what they want to believe, instead of blatantly insulting everybody who doesn’t share the same point of view and treats everybody like they’re idiots for disagreeing on a biased article. Grow up Hayley, you act like those athiests who tip their fedoras and act superior than everybody else just because you think differently.

    For the record, just because you don’t believe in ghosts doesn’t give you the right to act like an entitled prick and belittle every single person you come across who does. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    • I think that’s unfair. And I am a believer in the supernatural. But I’ve listened to those supposed spirit communications from Robin Williams, and frankly, I think Hayley was too kind in her criticisms – it’s so obviously fake.

    • Yesssss! But not by Huff. Huff would just give us another ultra closeup of a speaker and nothing else though, with his voice saying “Ok I’m here in the chamber, and you better believe me or else you’re a bully.”

  25. This Hayley has an attitude on her!!! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However when you are asking direct questions and get direct responses, it’s very hard to believe that radio just gets it right by pure coincidence. You’re dismissing everybody’s comments on here believing you are right. Don’t post something if you can’t deal with the comments. You believe evp is false, people like me don’t. End off. Get over it and write another boring article

  26. First of all, I’d like to say that I believe Mr. Huff to be true in his work. I have seen many of his videos posted on youtube, I use the apps he has developed (and they do work), and I do truly believe that spirits that have been unable to pass through to their final judgement are drawn to him. On more than one occasion I can quote spirits asking him for “the light” so that they might have the ability to leave what may or may not be a certain “purgatory”. He is quoted in this article as saying “it may not be […] him”. I don’t feel as though I need to defend Mr. Huff, nor do I want to. Steve has a voice, throat, vocal chords, and can use them well. As one who has the barest minimum of experience (professionally) in paranormal research, His apps and Wonder Box are, I believe, legit, even if the scientists, skeptics, and, obviously, the critics of this blog, refuse to open their mind to what is not probable, but possible. There are things that science will never explain in any of our lifetimes. How can you be so sure that he has not the ability to call angels from heaven and help these souls carry on? Are you truly so blind in your hatred and disbelief of his work that you will never read the facts, as I’m sure you never respond to any emails in your spam folder? For those who are offended, I apologize. For those who are now thinking to themselves, “this guy has no idea what he’s talking about”, I’m talking about you 🙂 For you don’t know what I do, as you don’t know what Huff knows. You believe what you believe, and your opinion is your own. DO NOT tell anyone that their work is false or discredit someone on work that they, and countless others, have proved to be effective and absolutely real. I agree with Jay at the top of this comment thread. Try it out. it just might surprise you. I was a skeptic of his work until I downloaded three of his apps on my phone and was absolutely stunned when I heard my own father, who had passed when I was eight, whos voice I couldn’t remember hearing up until that time, tell me he was proud. I get chills and tears thinking of it now. Please, don’t shun him or his work. Steve Huff should be thanked.

    As to whether or not it was Robin Williams, who’s to say? Even Huff said it might not be him, but had been carrying on conversations with this spirit who just happened to sound exactly like the man himself. I’d like to know if anyone has attempted a side-by-side comparison of this video to any of Williams’ vocal recordings, be it personal radio interviews or script from a movie.

    I hope some of you take this into consideration. Hayle, if it were your work in question, would you want someone slandering your name without first reaching out to you about the subject?

    • Don’t tell me what I can and cannot say. If I make claims I am happy for people to question them, but for some reason Steve Huff and his followers are not happy for their claims to be questioned. I don’t know Steve so I can’t hate him. You seem angry. Are you okay?

  27. I think this does sound like Robin Williams.

    However, I also do not think it is legitimate. I don’t know exactly what he used here. But, he often uses already-recorded interviews so that the “ghost” can “manipulate” their recorded voice to make new words. He does this explicitly in other videos.

    I think it sounds like Robin Williams because he secretly used recordings of his voice to make this video.

  28. My question is if someone wants to believe, then who are you to take that right away from them? If Huff believes or anyone else for that matter what does it matter to you? I mean realistically is it hurting or affecting you in any way shape or form? I’d say no.. that you’re just arguing for people to believe you. doesn’t really matter.

    • Dustin, where on earth have I stated people can’t believe what they want to? You can also make bullshit claims about the stuff you believe in, but if you think you can do that without people pointing out they’re bullshit then you are mistaken. Nobody is protected from criticism.

  29. I have to say, personally, I agree with you AND the huff paranormal guy. I just came across his YouTube post today so I apologise for posting so late after you wrote this. When I watch these ghost shows, I close my eyes so I can’t see what the subtitles are so I can hear for myself, although in this particular case, because of his diatribe and title, it wasn’t too possible to have an unbiased mind. Two of his responses sounded like Robin and two were pushing it a bit. However, like you have stated, in the days following his death the radio and TV were flooded with snippets of him. I really don’t think huff crossed the line, on purpose at least, so much as he was just doing what he does. Did the people who tried to contact Houdini cross the line? ( Yes, I know one person was his wife and he wanted her to try, but the rest?) Anyway, I guess I would be a hopeful skeptic. I want to believe but so far there hasn’t been proof enough for me the science couldn’t explain. The stuff that is unexplainable…….out of focus photos just isn’t enough for me.

  30. I have hundreds of recordings of actual ghosts interrupting my phone calls they say things in response to my conversation they also have told on my husband of where he was going to be and gave me an exact name of the woman he is seeing I just so happen to know her name and know that it was speaking the truth I have had things physically appear out of nowhere I even have voicemails from a ghost that when my husband went to leave me a message there was no message from him but a message from the ghost none of them sound like anyone that I know they cannot just talk normal it takes them quite a bit of time to get the words out and they are not clear by no means

  31. I have downloaded some Spirit Box apps the one called Spirit Box light buy ghost bumps that one says my name my phone isn’t even connected to any network it used to be Metro PCS since it wasn’t connected I thought I’d try to see if the Spirit Box worked and thought of it did without being connected to any phone service I guess it must be real well let me tell you it works there’s many voices that say my full name first name anyways and there’s usually always a female that says my name and then says she’s thinking of me or that she loves me not for it to do that without being connected to any phone service I’d say it works however all my recordings that I say I have of ghost interrupting my phone calls then we’re done when my phone had service obviously in the middle of many phone calls I have asked Tech questions and it has answered my questions three four times in a row I would be glad to share with anyone that would like to listen

  32. I’ve been having long conversations with my washing machine on a daily basis. My washing machine is very psychic too, and it told me about a paranormal hotspot in my home: my haunted hot water heater! I purchased a digital voice recorder and recorded the hot water heater singing, “We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave” in a deep, hissy, steamy tone! Could be demonic!!! Oh, golly gee, hope not! While I’m at it I think I’ll strike up a conversation with my garbage disposal and my broken player piano, and then I’ll check myself into the Mayo Clinic for a 72 hour psychiatric lock down!

  33. You seem to come across as a hypocrite. You don’t believe in ghosts yet you spend so much time investigating, trying to prove that they aren’t real because it fits the agenda you already have? That seems like a waste of energy to me. The way you talk down to and belittle people here like a child who never got enough attention is unfortunate. By the way, ghosts exist and are there whether you “want” them to or believe they are there or not.

    • Hayley, you are soo defensive. You truly sound very young and angry at anyone who disagrees with you. The more you respond, the less of a reliable source you become. I would read more of what you have to say if you didn’t bicker like a youngster. I’m sure you will tell me off as well. I won’t stick around to find out. Why do not you find something you enjoy doing, that will actually bring a smile to your face? Life is too short right?

  34. Check this:
    When my aunty was younger, her brother had recently passed away, she was recording a song with a friend on her cassette box when a distorted voice came through actually calling her name, the voice said it was her brother Chris and to take care of her other brother Dave and a couple other things, the voice then proceeded to finish off the song they were singing.. the thing is, it was all recorded. Everyone in my family has heard it, she still has the tape to this day and she has freaked out a couple of radio station people with it and they can’t comprehend it nor find a wavelength or frequency it was on. The thing that gets me with this huff guy is it’s similar, so to me, the radio thing is plausible.

  35. I agree with you. Huff will not allow any opinions on youtube that don’t kiss his ass. I commented that he was a phoney and his spirit box looked like it had t.v. or radio tubes from 1952. Of course my comment was deleted from his youtube channel. I try not to be judgemental or a wiseguy,but I think he has some nerve trying to scam the public and make money from his bullshit.

  36. I feel all this article has done was convince readers that you provide absolutely no substantial evidence that Steve Huff scams people of their time or beliefs. I don’t doubt that there was a some sort of contact made with a spirit that could have been Robin Williams himself, or another spirit mimicking his character. As it has been known that demons can also take form of other people to lure the curious ones in. Don’t berate the interests of Steve Buff just because you’re on the bandwagon of envious speculators. Try to obtain evidence that supports your argument instead of using empty insulting phrases as ammo.

  37. I find it totally blasphemous for him to try to reach these people the day after they died. Not only did he do it with Robin Williams, he did it with Michael Jackson and with Art Bell – both the day after they died. The common belief in most cultures is that right after death, the spirit is in transition, visiting old places and moving about the earth and perhaps even manifesting itself to loved ones before it moves on. It has a job to do and it should not be interrupted at that time, it could be harmful to them at this sacred and hallowed time right after their death. To me it’s totally selfish and is nothing short of capitalization on the person’s recent death.

    The voices Steve Huff gets through his box are frequently very close to the dead person’s voice. I find that interesting. Either he is really picking up on these spirits, or heaven forbid, he is faking the whole thing. If the latter, this is just an absolute horror, that someone would go so far as to do that. I hope it is the former.

    But still, I am really appalled that he tries to reach these people so soon when they’re in transition. I hope it doesn’t mess up their transition!!!!!!!!!!!!

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