Who Do Gettysburg Ghost Gals Think They’re Kidding?

“Every team back in the 90s was male-dominated. You didn’t find any teams that were female-run” claims Brigid Goode, a member of the Gettysburg Ghost Gals in an interview with Irish Central. In the article it is claimed she has ‘been doing paranormal investigations for decades and founded the Gettysburg Ghost Gals in 2012.’ In an MTV article Goode also claimed that “during investigations we get better results than the men do.”


Ugly gender stereotyping aside, we always knew there’d be people who’d ride of the coattails of the new Ghostbusters movie this year and it appears that the Gettysberg Ghost Gals (GGG) are those people. Members of this US based team have cropped up on various media outlets basking in the limelight of the movie by claiming to be the first all-female ghost-hunting team in the US. This, is seems, somehow makes them relatable to the new Ghostbusters who also happen to be women.

The Ghostbusters were a team of (mostly) parapsychologists who had their funding withdrawn by their university and struck it out on their own but the Ghostbusters are nothing like real-life Parapsychologists. I’d even go as far as to say that they’re bad and unethical researchers. Look no further that the Zener card experiment near the beginning of the film for evidence of this!

In her book  ‘Parapsychology: a beginners guide‘, Dr Caroline Watt writes that ‘Parapsychologists do not run around in boiler suits, hunting down marauding ghosts with proton packs. Instead, like other scientists, parapsychologists often carry out well-controlled studies and publish their findings in both mainstream and specialist academic journals.’

Running around chasing ghosts with weird equipment? Sounds familiar!

Further into the MTV article mentioned above Goode tells aspiring ghost hunters to ‘“Know your equipment, and know what you’re talking about. If they use modern equipment, pieces of ghost hunting equipment that we actually use, it would add legitimacy.’

This is not true because there is no equipment that has been proven to detect ghosts. Nobody has ever established the qualities of ghosts so how on earth would you go about detecting them?

A browse of the GGG website reveals nothing much about the methodologies they use, but there is a page dedicated to the paranormal equipment companies that sponsor them, and their event management company, and all of their public appearances… it’s all rather unimpressive.

I was prompted to write this post after noticing that someone called Chris Goode (who I presume is related to Brigid) recently tweeted that the Gettysburg team should have been included in a list of influential American ghost hunters produced by Planet Weird.


It seems to me that this attention-seeking ghost hunting team aren’t very good at researching ghosts which leaves them only one claim to fame – that they’re Americas first all-female ghost hunting team. There’s no way of establishing this as an accurate claim (and I’m pretty sure it could be disputed) but who really cares?

There are so many women who made waves and shaped paranormal research (and many who continue to do so today) despite their gender so if your only claim to fame is your gender then you’re not really that special.

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Hayley is a ghost geek and started to blog in 2007. She uses scientific scepticism to investigate weird stuff and writes about it here while also speaking publicly about how to hunt ghosts as a skeptic.

5 Comments on Who Do Gettysburg Ghost Gals Think They’re Kidding?

  1. Every “team” or “group” out there today (save a scant few) look to make it big like the TV ghost hunters. The truth being that few have any investigating skills nor employ them, yet call themselves investigators.
    WHY???? Most definitely because of the media and all it’s hype on the paranormal. The media made those who others seem to worship, yet they are no more knowledgeable than those you speak of in this article.
    So, what are they doing that the others before them haven’t done? Nothing! They all do the same thing with no real results. However they do their job as far as entertaining their target audiences and that, it seems, is what pop culture wants today. So if you are going to criticize them you will have to lump the tens of thousands of groups into the same category.

    Now, if you really wanted a good story then you should ask what really is going on out in the field of Paranormal Study. There is an academic side as well and not to be confused with the Entertainment side of the field of study.

    As far a Parapsychologists? Don’t let them fool you. That term was coined a hundred years ago to make a ghost hunter look important. Ask to see a Psychology degree of those claiming to be Parapsychologists if you doubt me. Oh, not that there isn’t parapsychology study in the Psychology field but that pertains to dealing with death and how people perceive and handle it.

    Well, I guess I rambled on once again. Maybe someday someone will try and do a serious piece on the field of Paranormal Study!

  2. Lots of Pretend Paranormal People out there charging an arm and a leg to stay at an abandoned asylum.

  3. There are plenty of all female teams investigating for decades. What Hubris claiming to be the “first”. Seems like these gals’ PR is on overdrive, not research skills, the worst trait of any team.

  4. I am female and started my group with another female way back in 2001. Before that I investigated on my own, sometimes with others, since the late 1980’s. I have no desire to claim to be the first anything but it would be nice if I could claim to be the first person with evidence of a ghost. I have visited places all over the world and have had some weird experiences, some scary ones too, even written books about it. But no solid evidence. I am curious to know what these methods and incredible results are. I, too, wonder why I have not heard of this group. Maybe because I don’t have an agent, I’m not trying to be famous, and I don’t frequent paranormal sideshows (aka conventions). All I see here are more claims without substance. Nothing more here to see, folks!

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