Whistable… not so haunted.

Turns out that Whitstable might not be so haunted after all (who knew) and that all the recent ghost related news stories coming out of there were for a Channel 4 television show called ‘The Happenings’. I just saw the advert for it on television and they used the High Quality version of the floating teabag box CCTV ghost footage (which wasn’t available to the general public) and they also showed the Amanda Byram photograph too.

The Byram fake photo
The Byram fake photo

Also worth noting is that the name of the original video on Youtube about the teabag box ghost has been changed. It is now called ‘Whitstable paranormal activity is first glimpse of The Happenings’. I had my suspicions that we were being fooled by the same person or people when this article about Amanda Byram mentioned a TV Producer but I simply didn’t have the time to research any further.

Ho hum. The series will be available via the 4OD service if you want to watch it. What is the point in this? I guess it might be an attempt to get people to question everything they encounter, but I’m not so sure that tricking people is the best way to do this. Entertaining though, I guess…


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  1. Obvious that it’s a complete fake! I wish the media could be sued for wasting everyone’s time.

    It rather confirms my sad belief that I have allowed myself to be deluded for all these years.

    To ask a simple question: Is there ANY ‘evidence’ out there at all or can it all really be explained by our psychological processes or simple trickery?

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