Weakly Ghost Bulletin #4

It’s time for the last Weakly Ghost Bulletin (WGB) of January 2015 and, all in all, January has been a pretty average month when it comes to silly ghost stories making the press. Last week’s WGB was a bit weirder than average because Lee Brickley went on one of his attention seeking sprees and claimed that a Slenderman-like spirit or spirits were haunting people. I covered that in WGB #3, as well as in an open letter Brickley himself. It wasn’t long before people went to the media with what they claimed was evidence of Slenderman… but before I get too caught up in the subject let’s get on with…




Not only did the Mirror get it wrong by claiming that it could be, they also used the wrong photo sent into them by self-proclaimed spirit Medium, Christine Hamlett. Hamlett seems to attract all manner of weird things because when Brickley caused a similar stir in the press last October by claiming that Black Eyed Kids were on the prowl in Cannock Chase, Hamlett caught one of those on camera too, and initially it was that photo The Mirror ran by accident instead of Hamlett’s alleged photo of Slenderman. Spot the difference:

not slenderman
Alleged photo of Black Eyed Child ghost…
Alleged photo of Slenderman
Alleged photo of Slenderman

I wrote about this when it first hit the headlines and you can read my thoughts here… but suffice to say, this is hardly impressive, is it? NEXT!


Various media outlets have reported that ‘teacher Debbie Monteforte took the photo of her husband Alex and their son Raphael at Christmas.’ and they quote a family friend who says:

“Debbie took the pic and thought nothing of it. But when they looked at it on a computer it was plain to see the haunted face of a woman wearing a long dark coat behind them. “The family insists there was no one standing behind them and there was no place to hang a coat. Even if there was someone standing there, they would have to be 8ft tall to appear like that. It’s beyond spooky.”

Firstly, we cannot go on the word of the people in the photo that there was nobody standing behind them because the photo was taken over a month ago, they were not observing their surroundings with this odd photo in mind and our memories are really good at telling us what we want to hear. Secondly, there is no way that the woman in the photo is 8ft tall. The man and child at the forefront of the photo are sitting down which throws a sort-of false perspective on the height of the figure standing to the right of the photo in the background. If the woman was standing directly behind the man and child then she would look shorter.

Not only that but after a quick Google Image search for the pub in question I found a photo of a group of friends sitting in the same area of the pub taken from a different angle and it reveals a number of things:

Kings Arms Ghost Comparison

The position of the framed photos behind the man and child in relation to the position of the fireplace makes it easy to see that the woman behind them would have been approximately as tall as the top of the middle photo frame at most (shorter if she wasn’t standing directly against the wall, which she wasn’t, as we can see a candlestick behind her.) BUSTED!


CCTV footage shows a woman taken a sudden and hard tumble in a reception area and the woman in question, Cecilia Carrasco, claims that she felt hands on her body, forcing her to the floor.

There is nothing conclusive about this whatsoever because you cannot see her feet. To me it looks as though she may have stumbled, perhaps she fainted, or maybe she went over on her ankle? All of these suggestions make more sense that the idea that a ghost specifically chose to push her over for no apparent reason. It’s quite cringeworthy that this has gained so much attention.

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  1. Okay okay I totally agree a lot of stories/pics of ghosts seem more obviously exaggerated. (Putting it nicely!) But haven’t you ever come across a story or pic that isn’t so easily “debunkable”?? Wether a pic, person, story is true or untrue there’s always equal criticism…

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