The Weakly Ghost Bulletin #1

I’ve decided to trial a new feature on my blog called The Weakly Ghost Bulletin. It will be a week by week update on any ridiculous and weak ghost stories that have made it into the mainstream news in the past seven days. As this is the first bulletin of 2015 I am going to include the last ten days.

Watch Terrifying Ghost Pursue Car

This video shows what looks to be a hunched over figure wearing a long white robe with lanky black hair hobbling after a car from which it is being filmed in the dark on a road or dirt between Blackburn and Belmont. This, according to the media, is a terrifying ghost. The occupants of the car do sound genuinely distressed as they reverse away from the figure but this doesn’t mean it is a ghost. I’d suggest this is someone playing a prank on passing traffic, or it is indeed staged by those who are filming. Interestingly, the alleged apparition has the appearance of something you might find in Asian ghost folklore, so goodness knows what it is doing in Lancashire.

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted a local ghost hunter, Simon Entwistle, who reckons this ‘could be a monk who was executed in Turton Tower by Civil War troops.’ Yeah, or it could be, like, not.

Ghost Pushes Antiques Off Shelves In Britain’s Most Haunted Shop

Everyone claims that their shop, pub, hotel or office is Britain’s “Most Haunted” at one stage or another, but the Barnsley Antiques Centre seem to really believe that they are being haunted by a poltergeist. They’ve made the news because of footage from their CCTV system that shows a picture falling off of a shelf. This happened as they were talking to someone in the shop who claims they are a Spirit Medium.

Any good ghost researcher would tell you that this only seems significant because of the timing. When you think of a dead loved one and there’s a noise in your house at the same time it is easy to think that these two occurrences are related when they’re actually just coincidences. Remember: Correlation does not imply causation.

What’s interesting is that previously footage of a glass cabinet exploding for “no reason” at the same shop made the mainstream news las year and they’ve also caught footage of orbs and alleged apparitions in the shop. Watch all of the previous “evidence” that this shop is haunted below:


When this is all added together it seems compelling but it isn’t. What we are seeing is secondary footage- the original footage has been recorded using a handheld device -this detracts from the quality of the original footage and makes it very difficult to determine what we are actually seeing. This is a good way to cover up staged or edited footage but my gut is telling me that this isn’t what is happening here. I think that this shop genuinely think they have a ghost but I’m not convinced that any of this evidence is actually substantial. When you convince yourself that you have a ghost it becomes really easy to fall into the trap of attributing any odd thing to the ghost and the “evidence” just starts mounting.

…and that concludes The Weakly Ghost Bulletin #1! Thanks for reading, make sure you sign up for email updates to catch future editions.

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Hayley is a ghost geek and started to blog in 2007. She uses scientific scepticism to investigate weird stuff and writes about it here while also speaking publicly about how to hunt ghosts as a skeptic.

2 Comments on The Weakly Ghost Bulletin #1

  1. i run the antiques centre and i am a total non believer of ghosts or anything like that, the reason they are recorded using my mobile is because we spent many hours trying to get footage directly onto a usb stick, but no one knows how to get it to play on computer, i have the cabinet smashing on a usb stick, but like i say no one can get it to play, i welcome anyone to come and try. none of the things are staged or fake, and lots of other things have happened which i havent bothered posting as i just dont have the time, we get inundated by requests for teams to come even offering money, we allowed one expert in who wants to remain anonymous and some very interesting things happened that night, and we have his voice recordings of children singing nursery ryhme along with more weird things.

    • Hello,

      I’m sure that if you contacted the suppliers of the CCTV system they would explain how to extract the footage but, to be honest, in the case of the “orbs” and the “figure”, they’re probably not worth the effort as they are definitely not proof of anything paranormal. An investigator with the right methodology would probably be able to provide decent answers to what has been witnessed. As I mentioned in the post, once you think you’ve got a ghost it is really easy for every odd thing to be attributed to the ghost which can be irrational.

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