Weakly Ghost Bulletin #7

Hold onto your hats as we dive into the ghost stories from recent publications that aren’t quite what they seem…


ghost child google street view

The Metro reports that the above photo ‘which came to light on yesterday Friday 13th [a/n: spooooky], is believed to show a child weeping inside the Victorian red-brick building.’ For those struggling to locate the ghost, look at the bottom left corner of the bottom central window.

…what do you mean you don’t see it? Have you got your eyes closed? Below s a zoomed in version for you.

this is not a ghost child

Oh, wait. That isn’t the ghost of a weeping child. That’s Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli from The Goonies. Or it could just be something inside the building or something reflecting on the window, perhaps. Either way, slow news day, Metro?

"Hey, you guys!"
“Hey, you guys!”


Bolling Hall spook

A paranormal events company (not to be confused with proper investigators) claim that somebody attending one of their events held at Bolling Hall on February 14th (how romantic!) has captured a ghostly figure on a photograph taken along a corridor where, legend says, the ghost of a grey lady is seen walking.

Without the original photo we can only go on their word that the photo is not faked but, to be honest, you’d expect a fake ghost photo to be better quality than this alleged ghost. I can hardly make anything out in the photo unless I stare at it for a long time and allow the piexellation to form familiar shapes. It’s easy to see that this is just an illusion that is only half convincing if you’re desperate for it to be. Nice free publicity for the events company though! Kerching!


Finally, for WGB#7 I want to share a video that has been recently doing the rounds on my social media tmelines despite originally being posted on the ‘Ghosts i have a spirit in my house’ Facebook page back in 2014. Watch below:

In the video a woman claims she is hearing noises in her kitchen and, therefore, has turned on a camera to record. Low and behold, moments later, a spoon begins to move around while she does her best (and fails) to look shocked in the background. Many are claiming that this video is fake and that the people in it have used fishing wire to make the spoon move. Personally I think they’ve actually used a strong magnet being held just out of view of the camera. I don’t have a magnet strong enough to recreate this (fridge magnets are rubbish) but it would be interesting to see a recreation if anyone does have one…

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  1. OK who was it? One word?………… COCK!!!! get a life. get a job get out more. as anyone who thinks this is a ghost is just stupid and needs help fast. Stop watching TV and get fact before you start spotting that this is a ghost of a child crying…….NUTS!! I bet they even looked into EVERY WINDOW to see anything strange was lurking in the shadows.

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