Weakly Ghost Bulletin #5

Watch moment mysterious ‘spirit orb’ comes out of Teesside Ghostbuster’s head | Gazette Live

During a paranormal investigation at The Green Dragon Pub the Ghost Hunters of Stockton on Tees (G.H.O.S.T) reckon they captured footage of a spirit orb shooting out of the head of one of their team members. The Gazette reports ‘John Skerritt, 21, says that he felt a burning sensation on his face just moments before the strange occurrence – which you can see between around 36 and 46 seconds into the film.’

The footage can be watched on the news website by clicking the link above. It’s has been widely demonstrated that so-called spirit orbs are not at all paranormal in nature and happen to just be out-of-focus particles in the air that are moving around in the air. These particles- dust, hair, pollen, insects, fibres -get illuminated and appear out of focus as they pass close to the camera lens in an area often refered to as the orb zone *cue twilight zone theme tune* 

Seriously, there have been proper studies into the cause of orbs and yet people still choose to ignore this and scrape the barrel and believe that they are evidence of ghosts. Then again… we see Skerritt using a spiritbox in the video too so it’s very clear that this team has a pseudo-scientific approach and a very low threshold for evidence.

Eerie images captured by ghost hunters in Sir James Craig’s former home | Belfast Telegraph

craigavon house ghosts


The two images above show ghostly manifestations in Craigavon House according to Belfast based ghost hunters. Paul Black, founder of the East Coast Paranormal Society told the Belfast Telegraph “That big mirror sits at the top of the stairs. We caught the image of a spirit in it standing up against the doorstep … the figure has a full-grown beard – and none of us has a beard.”

Although the image on the left (above) does look quite creepy I’m not completely convinced that a) it isn’t a living human, and b) that isn’t a beard, but a jacket collar. Do ghosts even cast shadows? ‘cos the figure in the left photo is casting a shadow. The second photo (on the right, above) is said to show the spirit of a woman mid-manifestation. In all reality (haha, reality) it is nothing more than vapour illuminated by a camera flash or some other light source. There are dozens of reasons that there could have been a vapour or mist in the air that was unseen by ghost hunters walking around in the dark.

There have been many more ghost related news stories but I’ve made the decision to only showcase a handful of naff news stories in the WGB each week. This is mainly because most of them are just the media repeating eye-witness testimony or ghost hunting event companies trying to get free publicity off of the back of some shoddy ghost photos and I won’t further that coverage. Hayley out!



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  1. Finally somebody talks sense about ‘orbs’ ! I am so tired of so called paranormal investgators using psudo science to explain things. As you say orbs are no more than dust ,pollen or insects etc that happen to catch the light or are moist and reflective. Years ago the UFO crowd owned orbs until they tired of them and then when the latest paranormal fad exploded around ten years ago the ghost hunter crowd took ownership of them.
    Orbs,ghost boxes ,daft photos,shadow men ,hat men..as far as I am concerned 99.9% of this stuff is either faked or just people kidding themselves.I might be wrong ,but I doubt it. Real scientific based evidence says I am right.
    Yes, strange things happen in life and even agree ghosts exist ! But what they are is another matter. Strange events are fascinating ,life itself is amazing ! I for one want to know what ghosts are for example. I think in a hundred years from now we might know .Part of me feels sad though because I love a mystery. I guess by the time it is known for sure I will be long dead myself …

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