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  1. Love the video!

    A point that I would like to add is about light sensitive ghosts and the UV component of light.

    I had, in my mind, some historic awareness of UV, from buying a ‘daylight bulb’ back in the day for working by, because it was ‘better for my circadian rhythms’. I researched and found that, before LED lighting, the standard household bulb (non-fluorescent) had most of its colour focused at the ‘more red’ end of the spectrum and emitted almost no UV, whereas a special, expensive, ‘daylight’ bulb had extra ‘blue’ and UV hue to more accurately replicate daylight.

    I thought I would get at least one source before posting here:


    From a site that give information to light sensitive people. It runs down the sensitivity suffered on average per standard lighting type. Most light sensitives (just like the ‘ghosts’ mentioned in your video) are more sensitive to the UV aspect of light.

    So, in summary, if there is no UV in the output of your lighting, and you believe that ghosts are sensitive to UV, having the ‘no UV’ lights on is going to make zero difference.

    Camera flash/dust lit up to make ‘orbs’? Lots of UV…! Discuss!

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