Update: The Cheltenham horror story

Today I phoned up the Gloucestershire Echo about the ghost photo story they ran on June 15th and explained how it was a fake photo and how it was done. The journalist was unaware of the iPhone app that had been used and explained to me that she has since been in touch with John Gore about the story who has told her he believes he has been ‘had’ by a friend. It turns out John didn’t take the photo, but it was taken by a friend and shown to him as a genuine ghost photo. The journalist told me that a follow up will be written about this which should hopefully prevent the spread of this misinformation.

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  1. Nice one. It sounds as if the reporter hadn’t read the comments beneath the piece, which surprises me.

    I wonder if the follow-up story will convince me that Mr Gore’s story about being ‘had by a friend’ is true.

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