UPDATE: Cannock Chase Bigfoot Actually Local Author?

An interesting update to my latest blogpost about the Bigfoot evidence found by Lee Brickley in Cannock Chase. You can read the blogpost here, but to summarise, Brickley found a footprint and some scratch marks on a tree which I pointed out was most likely a hoax (in the case of the footprint) and the scratches on the tree were likely caused by deer during “rutting season”.

The footprint shows no sign of natural movement or gait

Kristian Lander got in touch with me with an interesting video from author, Graham Phillips. In the video posted to his Facebook page, Phillips confesses that there were never sightings of Bigfoot reported in Cannock Chase until he donned an ape costume for a “mockumentary” being filmed by him and his friends.

In the video, Graham says:

“There were never any sightings of this ape before I was wandering around Cannock Chase in a gorilla suit. What is going on here? I mean, are we talking about mass hysteria? Are we talking about some sort of tulpa – some form of thought form created by people’s imaginations? It can’t be a real creature no matter what the Daily Star claim to have found … as far I’m concerned, this can mean only one thing… but I don’t know what it is. So there we go. I AM THE CANNOCK CHASE YETI! Bye!”

Graham, I think I know what the one thing is. I think it’s wishful thinking by naive people who have fallen for someone’s trick. The footprint certainly appears to be staged, and the fact that we now know the origins of the sightings of the Cannock Chase Bigfoot is another… big step towards understanding the real cause of these claims. Of course, I don’t know who planted the footprint, but I certainly know who found it and went to the press with it: Mr Lee “Guillable” Brickley. Awkward…

You can watch the Mockumentary starring Graham as Bigfoot himself below. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Cannock Chase Bigfoot Actually Local Author?

  1. Richard Osbaldeston says:

    There is a British folklore history of Wodewoses / Woodwose or simply Wild Men which are suggested to be somewhat Bigfoot like. There’s a handful of more modern sightings. Also the Suffolk Shug-Monkey which is one of those alternate headed Shucks, this one is a ape/hound mix so often falls into a Bigfoot category. Shug-Monkey is an old story, but I similar to Grahams story above there was a string of sightings reported in a local paper a few years ago, which turned out to be a local am-dram group I think trying to stir up interest in a play creeping around the Rendelsham Woods in a theatrical bear costume. Local paper printed an annoyed retraction when they fessed up, but was more than happy to print the original spooky sightings.

    As to the pics a very flat print, I think fits what US investigators expect for Bigfoot, but as you say the edges are a bit too crisp for something moving and a print left out in the elements.The lack of a object in frame to give any scale isn’t helpful. My eye was drawn to what looks like a near perfect circle in the heal. Almost like a moulding from the bottom of a shoe, which makes me wonder about those natural foot running shoes [ https://www.google.com/search?q=running+shoes+toes&source=lnms&tbm=isch ] ?

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