Thoughts on Most Haunted Live Halloween 2015

During the Most Haunted Live broadcast on Halloween night 2015 Karl Beattie was allegedly dragged up some stairs by an unseen entity which strangled him. This was caught on camera and some people have noticed that there seems to be a rope around his waist. In response to the accusations of trickery that this rope indicates both Karl Beattie and his wife Yvette Fielding say that the rope is actually just a camera cable.

Skeptics doubt it, fans and believers think it’s true…

…but who actually gives a shit?

Seriously. Who gives a flying fuck? Running around declaring Most Haunted to be fake… well done, clever clogs! Of course it’s not to be trusted… it’s television!

I watched the entire show last night while trying to play along with a drinking game and it was shoddy, over-dramatic, hilarious, entertaining… but it was nowhere near as entertaining as watching people react to the show on Facebook and Twitter. Some people were annoyed that “true ghost hunters” were being shown in a bad light. Other people were annoyed that such nonsense should be allowed to be broadcast…

…and yes, the Satanic chants were a bit over the fucking top and ethically questionable – but just as questionable as the ethics of any of your bog standard ghost hunting groups across the country. Sure, there was no scientific credibility to any of the claims being made on the show but, again, the same can be said of 99% of the people who call themselves paranormal researchers. Yet the mistake people are making when they moan about Most Haunted is to treat the show as comparable with real-life paranormal research.

Most Haunted is a television show that courts controversy – it wants to be loved and hated in equal parts and it succeeds – it always has. It plays up to expectations, it ticks boxes, it gets the viewing figures. It does its job.

Amateur paranormal researchers on the other hand want to be respected as researchers when they’re not deserving of respect, and what they do on their ghost hunts is hugely unethical, completely unscientific… and they don’t even have the excuse of being producers of an entertainment TV show to hide behind! If you’re a ghost hunter who feels that Most Haunted is to blame for making paranormal researchers look back I suggest you have a hard look in the mirror because you’re doing a good enough job of that yourselves. Get a fucking grip.

I’ll be talking about this and more on the first ever episode of The Spooktator vodcast/podcast coming to you live from Youtube on Wednesday. I’ll be joined by Paul Gannon, Alistair Coleman and Mike Gage – details can be found here.

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18 Comments on Thoughts on Most Haunted Live Halloween 2015

    • the live 2015 was all legit as audio and visual technician for it i can confirm everything that happened there that night is real and the cable seen attached was a camera cable as audio visual tech i tied the camera cable to his belt its to stop karl or any other crew tripping over karls camera lead and for not seeing a camera in karls hand at the time it was in the bedroom where they did saence but there was enough camera lead length for camera to be in the bedroom and cable to still be attached to karls belt and i saw what happened with my own eyes stuart didnt pull the cable as he was in the bedroom where there was no camera so all this saying it was faked i can vouch everything was real

  1. My initial thoughts were to disagree with you but having had time to reflect on your post and thinking back to discussions I have had with staff in these locations regards how PNI teams perform in these properties …………… you are right.

  2. I can’t believe people still waste their lives watching this load of tosh, it’s been debunked enough in the past, so you either believe it is real or you don’t, rationality doesn’t enter into it. To me, them pretending it is real to a gullible retarded audience, knowing it is not, is no different to the charlatan mediums and psychics who read for gullible people, knowing they are fake.

    If these folks were an end-of-the-pier show psychic Gypsy, reading a crystal ball for 20 quid, skeptics would be all over them, trying to make them unemployed, yet the same ‘skeptics’ will watch this tosh?

    Double standards, for sure.

    • I apologise that me watching a TV show makes you so, so angry, but at least it allows you to demonstrate your amazing sense of self righteousness, so you’ve got that going for you.

    • I don’t know any skeptics who would be all over an end of pier crystal ball reader. A bit silly, sure? But hardly worth getting in a fuss about. These shows aren’t giving life advice, or telling people about their dead child for profit. I see these shows as a televised version of a ghost tour- most people know its bunk but watch for the fun and possible scare.

    • Fred Batt is a clueless moron. Knows as much about real demonology (which is NOT about summoning demons) as Donald Trump does about decent hairstyles!

  3. the point is that karl yvette etc insist its not faked,and by doing so mislead [granted gullible indivuals ] people who will buy there merchandise ie dvds,shirts etc,,,,its not an issue to make light off iin my opinion

  4. Lmao, stumbled across this but love the post. Honestly, who gives a shit? The shows clearly for entertainment purposes, more of a comedy.

  5. Its there no ghost ghost anymore? They must watch those three fuck wits across the pond( Ghost Adventures) and think we need to make our show much darker because there’s still some stupid people that will fall for this crap. Not all Ghosthunters are useless but the ones that based there methods on most Haunted running around with K2 meters and calling themselves scientific…….enough said;

  6. You are one of my new fav people. It’s a relief that someone else is willing to acknowledge the truth about all these “jumped on the bandwagon” supposed “paranormal researchers/investigators/etc” that have flooded every city and town, not to mention the internet, television, and radio.
    And as far as TV goes, people need to remember that this is all entertainment first and get lives instead of getting their panties so twisted up! If the people were all real, their looks (especially the females) would be irrelevant.
    I just wish people would grasp that these so called experts usually have no grip on any aspect of scientific method let alone any education in anything that lends knowledge to the field. Anything that you can wake up one day and become has no validity. I could go on, but I know you get my point.

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