The Weakly Ghost Bulletin #2

Last week I launched a new feature on the blog called the Weakly Ghost Bulletin and you can read WGB #1 by clicking here.

Here is the Weakly Ghost Bulletin #2! 

Man Captures Sleep Paralysis Ghost on Camera!

The video above shows a ghost hovering over the bed of someone who suffers with sleep paralysis, apparently.

‘Is this a ghost caught on camera or perhaps its the infamous “old hag” that is often described by sufferers of sleep paralysis‘ ask Your News Wire. Well, no. It isn’t. Those who experience sleep paralysis are not being hounded by the spirits of dead people, or by an old hag – it is a sleep disorder. The “apparition” in the video looks questionable at best, dodgy at worse. It looks like a shadow being cast against the wall- potentially from behind the camera -and there is absolutely nothing to support the notion that this is a ghost.

Is this a school’s ghost caught on Camera? 

Grainy footage? Check! Footage filmed by a secondary source making it impossible to investigate? Check! Blurry nothingness being labelled as a ghost? Check!

Apparently people have experienced other weird things at the school and so in the true nature of jumping to baseless conclusions they’ve decided that it must all be linked in some way. Also, despite all of the issues with the footage that I mentioned above,nationally-renowned paranormal experts and co-founders of the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization John and Lisa Brian were sent in to investigate after multiple reports came in that someone had been tampering with the lights” and referred to it as “a really great piece of footage.”

Oh brother…

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I’m sure I have missed some stories that have been in the media from this week’s bulletin. If you see a rather rubbish ghost story in a newspaper or on a news website feel free to send a message with a link, send me a tweet about it, post about it on the Facebook page or email boo at hayleyisaghost dot co dot uk

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