The problem With People Like Chip Coffey

News broke recently that a paranormal TV celebrity had been arrested in the US. I don’t know who they are and I’ve never watched any of their shows but I noticed that a guy called Chip Coffey (who claims to be a psychic) was quick to take to his social media and give his 2 cents on the subject, having worked on the same shows as this individual in the past.

I made a throwaway comment on Twitter that it’s a shame that Coffey couldn’t have warned people of what was going to happen. If only he had been psychic or something, right?

It’s a joke that skeptics make all of the time in reference to stories that involve psychics not predicting something. Haha. Ha.

Colour me surprised then when a few days later Chip Coffey started to send me tweets about how ignorant I am. He must have searched his name on Twitter and come across my random tweet. I have Storified the convo as best I can here. It got tricky once some of his adoring fans started to get involved so I’ve only included the initial conversation.

Long story short, I am an ignorant asshole for suggesting that Coffey isn’t psychic and for pointing out that there are reasons to believe this. For example, did you know that a group of US-based skeptics led by Susan Gerbic once planted false information about made up characters at a Chip Coffey stage show and he picked up messages from these fictional characters and delivered messages to the skeptics in the audience?

‘[H]e claimed to have seen the two nonexistent people we pretended to have: a sister for Jan and my son Matthew. He “spoke” to Wade’s dead mother who was really alive and is nothing like the personality that he described.’

As his Wikipedia page points out, there are a number of reasons to doubt his claims of psychic ability and I believe this gives strong justification for being hesitant to believe Chip Coffey when he says he is psychic. Yet, instead of addressing these concerns Coffey and his fans would rather dismiss people as ignorant. It’s extremely arrogant and egotistical to suggest that people should accept your claims with blind faith regardless of whether there is justification to doubt them or not.

I wasn’t exactly polite in my twitter exchange with Coffey but frankly, I don’t see why I should’ve been. He and his fans are a good reminder of what the “love and light” brigade are really like if you don’t toe their line.

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  1. Very interesting that Chip treats sceptical points of view in very much the same way as MH – dismissing reason out of hand with ego and arrogance

  2. I have been a fan of chip coffey’s for years. I didn’t realize he was so egotistical until I disagreed with his political views. Not only did I feel attacked by him but by some of his followers as well. I also feel the need to mention the fact that he would go back and delete certain comments to make me look like an aggressor! when I didn’t agree with some of his political views he called me a “troll”. I have to admit I was a little shocked at his Twitter posts compared to his fb comments. Night & day from one another to say the least!! I think chip is psychic to some degree but a medium he is not. He’s definitely no Amy Allan or Chris Stillar by a long shot! We are all blessed with certain intuitive abilities. Heaven forbid we have different views and voice them! And don’t get to feisty (even though he has the tendency to be snippy and snarky without too much provocation) because he will cut you Rolf or block you! His followers think he is A god send but aren’t we all to some degree? I am glad to see someone else has voiced the same feelings I have had. Let’s just say I am not as big a fan as I used to be!

  3. I’m still waiting to see a poster advertising a psychic fair which is then over posted with ‘cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances’.
    Sad, I know, but this type of humour cracks me up.

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