Lectures and Talks

Public Speaking

If you would like me to speak at your event please get in touch. For speaking engagements by charitable or grassroots organisations (e.g. Skeptics in the Pub) I am happy to waive my speaking fee, and simply ask for my travel costs to be covered, and a cheap-yet-decent hotel room if an overnight stay is required. I also require amplification when speaking for larger audiences.

Advisory Work

I often act as an adviser for TV producers, journalists, authors, and other researchers. If you have a question or would like some advice about the paranormal then feel free to drop me a line. If I can’t help I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Upcoming speaking engagements

Sept 25: Cambridge Skeptics in the Pub


Past speaking engagements

I’ve spoken at various informal ‘skeptics in the pub’ events over the years, including Merseyside, Brighton, Horsham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle, London and many more. These are not included below.


Aug: Skeptics on the Fridge, Edinburgh Fringe Festival – A Skeptic’s Guide to Ghost Hunting
Aug: Glasgow Skeptics – A Skeptic’s Guide to Ghost Hunting


Oct: QEDcon – Team Spirit: Investigating the Paranormal with Deborah Hyde, Caroline Watt and Susan Blackmore

Dec: CFI UK: Science in the Media conference – #Ghosts
May: Skepkon, Frankfurt – A Skeptic’s Guide to Ghost Hunting
Apr: QEDcon 2015 – Panel: Every Cloud-based Video Service has a Silver Lining with Myles Power, Richard Wiseman, Aron Ra
Mar: AHS National Convention, London – Leaving Religion panel with Ruth Haydock, Jonny Scaramanga, and Alom Shaha


Apr: The Pod Delusion’s Skepticamp, Manchester – A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Photos


Seriously Strange, Bath – The Future of Ghost Research panel
Aug: 15th European Skeptics Congress, Stockholm – Things that go bump in the night
Mar: ThinkCon 2013, Cambridge – I’m a Ghost hunter, get me out of here!


Camp Quest UK – Ghosts on the Brain! (child friendly talk)
Mar: QEDcon – Cryptozoology panel
Jan: CFI Beyond the Veil conference – ‘Is there anybody there?’ [Watch]

Westminster SitP – Annual Halloween Party with lecture
Oct: Cork Skeptics – as part of a live Skype panel on ghosts
Sep:  Denkfest, Switzerland – Science Blogging Panel [Watch]
Feb: QEDcon – ‘Ghost Investigations Today‘ panel [Watch]

Oct: Swindon Ghost Fest – Wiltshire’s Paranormal Folklore

Aug: Weird ’09 Paranormal Con – Is there anybody there?

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