Whatever Happened to the Skeptic Dream?

8 August, 2018 7

A recent popular Twitter thread written by Tracy King considered the collapse of the UK Skeptic movement. I’ve some thoughts on this. King wrote: ‘The organised skepticism movement was successfully imported from USA to UK […]

I Am A QEDcon Fan, Here’s Why

27 April, 2015 17

I feel as though QEDcon and the organisation team behind it does not get enough credit. Sure, they won an award last year for their brilliance, sure there are thousands of adoring tweets and Facebook […]

Thoughts on the Dorset Monkey

27 March, 2013 1

News broke earlier this week of a monkey sighting in the Dorchester area of Dorset reported by a 17-year-old girl who said ‘‘It looked about the size of a small gorilla. It was walking like […]

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