Television Clones: When Ghost Hunting Goes BAD!

2 March, 2014 4

The Thorne and District Gazette ran a story recently about how a reporter for the paper spent some time with ‘professional ghost hunters’ at Cusworth Hall which is rumoured to be haunted. When reading the […]

Psychic Today fined by OFCOM

21 June, 2013 8

In a move that might brighten the day of those left disappointed and angry by Sally Morgan’s success in court yesterday, OFCOM has reported that it imposed a financial penalty of £12,5000 on Majestic TV Limited […]

Paranormal Investigation: Live

18 October, 2010 80

I’m feeling rather frustrated and annoyed and it’s all because of an advert I just saw on LivingTV. It was for a program called ‘Paranormal Investigation: Live’ in which, the trailer says, two paranormal research […]

Paranormal television

12 June, 2010 3

For nearly as long as I can remember there have been television shows where people go to a haunted location with a night vision camcorder or two, turn off the lights and get scared and […]

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