My activism isn’t led by battle cry

19 May, 2014 3

For years now I have submitted complaints to Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority about dodgy health claims I see people making to advertise their products. I’d personally rather make sure that people and […]

A hat tip

25 April, 2014 7

Over at the Huffington Post Rodney Schmaltz¬†has written a great piece called ‘Battling Psychics and Ghosts: The Need for Scientific Skepticism‘ in which he discusses how society are constantly ‘bombarded with pseudo-science’ in various forms. […]

On Guerrilla Skepticism & Skeptical Outreach

16 October, 2013 21

I feel that I need to clarify myself after a comment I made on Twitter about the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia Project has caused confusion. Things like the Guerrilla Skepticism Campaign make the work of […]

On shunning the non-believers

4 October, 2013 7

Yesterday I got told off for being rude on a Facebook thread because I used sarcasm in response to somebody dismissing people because they spell skeptic with a K instead of a C. The person, […]

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