The Worst Ghosts of 2015

27 December, 2015 3

It has been an entire year since I correctly predicted that Slenderman would be seen in the UK in my ‘Worst Ghosts of 2014’ round up. In that year I created a feature on this […]

The Problem With Militant Debunkers

22 November, 2015 29

Militant Debunkers. They’re different from good skeptics because I say so and you can take my word on this because my opinions are right. I’m kidding of course, but this is the reasoning I see […]

How To Prove A Skeptic Wrong

7 October, 2015 3

I am a skeptic and, believe it or not, underneath theseĀ scales that I wear as a skin I am a human being and human beings are typically silly creatures. We’ve got these things called confirmation […]

A Psychic Died

2 September, 2015 7

When Colin Fry died there was a huge rise in traffic to my blog because of a post I had written in the past criticising himĀ for seeming to take advantage of the misfortune of a […]

Book Review: Abominable Science

4 April, 2015 2

Abominable Science! authored by Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero is one of those books that comes along and makes the world a better place. A rare treat that you didn’t know you needed until you […]

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