Ghosts For Christmas

24 December, 2014 0

Note: This was written in 2014 with updates made in subsequent years. A self-confessed ghost geek, I am really interested in modern paranormal phenomena of all shapes and sizes. I also love reading ghost stories, […]

Don’t Be Afraid Of Ouija Boards

26 October, 2014 5

Can Ouija Boards summon demons? Are Ouija Boards dangerous? Can Ouija Board possess you? No. The only threat a Ouija Board poses to your health and safety is if someone throws it at your head, sometimes the square […]

Review: Scary Monsters & Super Freaks

28 October, 2013 0

When I found out that Dom Joly had written a book about his adventures as a monster hunter I knew immediately that I had to read it, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would […]

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