10 October, 2014 3

I recently spoke with the president of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), David Bruton, and he was quick to point out that what people like Sally Morgan, Derek Acorah and co. claim to do is not […]

I Bought My Psychic Powers Online

23 May, 2014 1

Magicians can spot tricks a mile off which means that for decades they have been the rationalists right hand man when it comes to exposing phoney psychics for the tricksters they are.  Using simple-yet-effective tricks […]

Some people need to STFU

30 June, 2013 4

In an interview in The Sun newspaper today Sally Morgan has revealed how the aftermath of the accusations that she was a cheat and using an earpiece during her shows threw her into a suicidal […]

Psychic Today fined by OFCOM

21 June, 2013 8

In a move that might brighten the day of those left disappointed and angry by Sally Morgan’s success in court yesterday, OFCOM has reported that it imposed a financial penalty of £12,5000 on Majestic TV Limited […]

The arrogance of Sally Morgan

20 June, 2013 24

Update: in May 2014 an audience member at her Middlesborough show alleges that Sally Morgan spoke to the ghost of a woman who was actually alive… and in the audience. The BBC have today June 20th, […]

The Stone Tape Projector – Science?

19 September, 2012 10

The ‘Psychic and Science‘ stage show stars alleged psychic Derek Acorah, and television “historian” Richard Felix, who both worked on most Haunted together when it was still on air. The shows website entices potential audience […]

A Rather Unconvincing Haunting

19 May, 2012 46

Very recently The Sun Newspaper ran a story titled ‘Mum and baby son are forced out of their house by ghosts’. This, however, wasn’t a typical story about a family fleeing their home because of […]

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