That San Antonio Railway Tracks Video…

25 October, 2015 1

Quite often old ghost-related photos, testimonies or videos do the rounds on social media sites, gaining attention and traction despite being long debunked and explained away. Oddly the rational explanations don’t follow around so quickly […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #11

25 April, 2015 0

I am proud to bring you the Weakly Ghost Bulletin #11 on the award winning Hayley Is  a Ghost blog after being awarded the Best Skeptic Blog award at the Ockham’s Awards by The Skeptic […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #7

21 February, 2015 3

Hold onto your hats as we dive into the ghost stories from recent publications that aren’t quite what they seem…

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #6

13 February, 2015 0

Here’s another installment for the Weakly Ghost Bulletin with photos from all around the world.

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