The Existential Files

6 May, 2017 0

I recently had a chat with Dr Louie Savva and Dr Matthew Smith about ghosts, ghost hunters, and cryptozoology for their podcast┬áThe Existential Files. This is now available to listen to in episodes 48 and […]

The RI Podcast back catalogue

5 April, 2014 0

Episode 91 of the Righteous Indignation Podcast (the one with the interview with psychic Vicky Monroe) has been getting a lot of listening in the last few days thanks to a post by a listener […]

Please stop calling our guests “mad”.

29 May, 2013 3

The people we interview on the Be Reasonable podcast often share ideas and beliefs that are way out there. I get that. There are occasions during the interviews where I sit in stunned silence wondering […]

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