Don Philips Plays The Science Game. Loses.

28 October, 2014 13

According to Mike Lockley of the Birmingham Mail, paranormal researcher Don Philips ‘has allowed scientists to pore over his unique talents and emerged with reputation untarnished.’ When I read this I had to do a […]

Don Philips: the desperate ghost hunter

11 June, 2014 17

“Even if it’s really quiet, my ears are quite tuned to hearing these guys. We’re actually communicating¬†with them on a device that’s not actually made for communicating with spirits – it’s a digital recorder. The […]

“What are you so afraid of?”

29 April, 2013 2

Those not familiar with Don Philips and the GSI Paranormal team can read past posts of mine about them by clicking this link here.¬†To summarise, Don and his team often demonstrate pseudo-scientific techniques on their […]

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