Who You Gonna Call? A Lawyer!

25 Jun, 2015 0

We’re all familiar with the classic ghost story trope. A family moves into a beautiful new home, confident that the new life they’re going to start there will be joyful and then weird things start […]

The arrogance of Sally Morgan

20 Jun, 2013 24

Update: in May 2014 an audience member at her Middlesborough show¬†alleges that Sally Morgan spoke to the ghost of a woman who was actually alive… and in the audience. The BBC have today June 20th, […]

Bickering skeptics, give me a break!

10 Oct, 2011 23

Is Sally Morgan a fraud? I don’t know. Neither do you. There seems to be an almost smug undercurrent on Twitter and Facebook at the moment, with people continually pointing out that none of us […]

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