Here’s The Deal With Paranormal Tourism

8 June, 2016 0

Earlier this year I visited Woodchester Mansion for a midnight tour of the building and two things happened: I had a strange experience, and I realised I had pro-paranormal tourism leanings.┬áThis was a revelation that […]

A Humanist Ghost Buster

13 May, 2015 2

I stopped believing in ghosts in 2007 and for the first few months I decided that the best use of my time was to explain to others how the things they thought were true were […]

The Anti-Science Bias Of Ghost Hunters

11 April, 2015 6

I wrote previously about a research team at Clarkson University headed up by Professor Shane Rogers that seek to establish whether there is a link between air quality and strange experiences people often associate with […]

When Ghost Investigators See Ghosts

7 March, 2015 1

The investigator is supposed to be a rational figure who enters the scene, looks at the evidence and solves the case with an explanation that was right in front of everyone the whole time. Yet […]

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