Who You Gonna Call? A Lawyer!

25 June, 2015 0

We’re all familiar with the classic ghost story trope. A family moves into a beautiful new home, confident that the new life they’re going to start there will be joyful and then weird things start […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #5

8 February, 2015 1

Watch moment mysterious ‘spirit orb’ comes out of Teesside Ghostbuster’s head | Gazette Live During a paranormal investigation at The Green Dragon Pub the Ghost Hunters of Stockton on Tees (G.H.O.S.T) reckon they captured footage of a […]

REVIEW: The Longleat House Ghost Tour

25 October, 2014 0

Something strange has happened to Longleat Safari Park. A vampire has taken up residence in the Bat Cave, enormous pumpkins are sprouting up all around the grounds, a coven of witches have taken up residence […]

The ghosts of Widowhood

8 September, 2012 0

We are all haunted. If not by ghosts, by death – our inevitable death and the death of those around us. In 1971 the British Medical Journal published a paper by W Dewi Rees called ‘The […]

Ghost Busting with Bladud Magazine

22 March, 2012 0

On Tuesday evening I was greeted from work by Henry, Myles and Matthew who are media students at Bath College, and their tutor Darren. They are some of the people behind the Bladud Magazine. They […]

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