The Shirt That Matt Wore

16 November, 2014 3

I started blogging about seven or eight years ago and in that time many people have found the things I write about to be offensive, usually because I criticise or disagree with ideas they believe […]

The Dawkins Problem

2 August, 2014 9

Richard Dawkins was right when he recently said that ‘Nothing should be off limits to discussion.’ It was a point he made in a recent blog post following the fallout that happened after he tweeted comments […]

Gail Parminter on Gender & Advertising

17 May, 2014 0

Gail Parminter gave a talk at TEDx Bradford on Avon in 2012 about gender and advertising. I was present for this event but re-visited this talk recently after finding this article about a patronising advert selling bourbon. […]

Brains or Beauty? Meh.

14 July, 2012 1

My mum sometimes reads ‘Take a Break’ magazine and I sneak a look to see what sort of features they’re running that might be of interest to the more skeptically minded woman. Today’s find was […]

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