Are Poor People Who Report Ghosts Just Fakers?

17 March, 2016 0

In days gone by if something weird started happening in a manor or home belonging to a wealthy family the finger of blame would probably be pointed at the servants because ghost nonsense has always been […]

Thoughts on Most Haunted Live Halloween 2015

1 November, 2015 18

During the Most Haunted Live broadcast on Halloween night 2015 Karl Beattie was allegedly dragged up some stairs by an unseen entity which strangled him. This was caught on camera and some people have noticed that […]

The Worst Ghosts Of 2012

27 December, 2012 0

It’s that time of the year again, where I trawl through my endless list of ghost related web bookmarks to find the 5 Worst Ghosts of 2012. I did the same at the end of 2010 and […]

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