The Worst Ghosts of 2017

24 December, 2017 0

Paranormal researcher looks at the worst ghosts to have made the headlines throughout 2017. From ghosts allegedly made of smoke, and a monk that won’t die, to the ghost who burned someone, and… well… motion blurs galore! […]

Here’s The Deal With Paranormal Tourism

8 June, 2016 0

Earlier this year I visited Woodchester Mansion for a midnight tour of the building and two things happened: I had a strange experience, and I realised I had pro-paranormal tourism leanings. This was a revelation that […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #7

21 February, 2015 3

Hold onto your hats as we dive into the ghost stories from recent publications that aren’t quite what they seem…

Television Clones: When Ghost Hunting Goes BAD!

2 March, 2014 4

The Thorne and District Gazette ran a story recently about how a reporter for the paper spent some time with ‘professional ghost hunters’ at Cusworth Hall which is rumoured to be haunted. When reading the […]

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