Book Review: From Here to Eternity

11 March, 2018 0

In the February edition of the Ghost Geek Newsletter, I explained that I was reading Caitlin Doughty’s From Here To Eternity. Well, I’ve finished the book now, and it has found a way to my […]


19 February, 2016 0

It was 8am in the morning. I was blurry-eyed and I had half an hour until I needed to catch my bus to work. I’d overslept. Again. I grabbed my phone as though I had […]

My grandfather died

20 December, 2015 7

On November 1st 2015 my lovely grandfather- Pappy, as we called him -died. We knew he was going to die because he had dementia and had suffered two strokes, that didn’t make it any easier, […]

The shadow cast by The Sunshine Man

26 April, 2012 1

I can remember when my grandad found out about me being on the news because I had challenged the claims being made by HOTS Bath and the illnesses they claimed. He exclaimed that it was […]

The Other Side & The End

20 April, 2011 7

Many people are fine to live their whole lives treating death as a catalyst to a potential next step for their existence, some people decide early on that when you die that’s it. All done. […]

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