Why I’ll No Longer Speak at ‘Seriously Strange’

16 July, 2017 4

I was invited to speak at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena’s [ASSAP] upcoming ‘Seriously Strange’ conference at the University of Bath in September 2017. I accepted the invitation and

Thoughts from QEDcon ’13

18 April, 2013 8

Last weekend was QEDcon. Hundreds of skeptics, scientists and geeks of all types converged to celebrate reason and critical thinking in good company¬†in the city of Manchester. I attended with my brother who didn’t identify […]

A blogger blogs about Denkfest

12 September, 2011 7

There is a ¬†lot to be said for people who will pay to visit the beautiful city of Zurich and spend most of their time sitting in a darkened hall geeking out on science – […]

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