The Snubbing of Tatchell

14 February, 2016 2

The Guardian report that the LGBT officer for the National Union of Students (NUS), Fran Cowling, declined to share a platform with Peter Tatchell at an upcoming talk on the subject of ‘re-radicalising queers’. The first I […]

The Shirt That Matt Wore

16 November, 2014 3

I started blogging about seven or eight years ago and in that time many people have found the things I write about to be offensive, usually because I criticise or disagree with ideas they believe […]

Hate and Discrimination: Forgetting Atheist Students

13 February, 2014 0

In 2012, after interviewing 9,229 students about their experiences with religiously motivated hate crime in Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE), the National Union of Students (NUS) published the ‘No Place for Hate’ report. […]

What are you doing, pro-choice allies?!

4 May, 2012 17

I’ve just read a really interesting blog post by Jen McCreight in which she Live-blogged a talk by Abby Johnson called ‘do women have too many rights?’ at the University of Washington, sponsored by Students for […]

Offensive adverts vs. misleading adverts

13 April, 2012 11

Some people seem shocked that I don’t agree with the recent decision to not run the ‘gay cure’ advert on London buses because I made a complaint about the Christian groups ‘Healing on the Streets‘ […]

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