The 5 Worst Ghosts of 2014

20 December, 2014 3

Since 2010 I have been writing an end-of-year summary of the five ghost stories that made me grumpy or angry because of their rubbish nature and 2014 is in no way different. Technically there are […]

The Ghost of Clevedon Pier

11 April, 2012 0

The ghost of Clevedon Pier was a reletively new ‘haunting’ when it hit the headlines in late 2011 and 2012 and, not being too far away from where I live I naturally became interested and […]

Leave the ghosts alone

8 December, 2011 12

If you genuinely believe that the spirit of a deceased person is still here they should be left to rest in peace, or at least treated in a respectful manner.
Leave the ghosts alone. […]

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