Weakly Ghost Bulletin #15

7 June, 2015 2

Is this the world’s most haunted town? Toowoomba by name too-woo by nature, am I right?  According to various news sites Toowoomba, Australia is the world’s Most Haunted Town. Evidence has been flooding into a […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #12

3 May, 2015 3

Quadcopter drone captures video footage of infamous black-eyed child No, International Business Times, it did not. It did not at all. Why are you even writing about this, you’re the International Business Times! This is clearly staged […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #11

25 April, 2015 0

I am proud to bring you the Weakly Ghost Bulletin #11 on the award winning Hayley Is  a Ghost blog after being awarded the Best Skeptic Blog award at the Ockham’s Awards by The Skeptic […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #9

12 April, 2015 4

What? Oh my gosh. Can it be? Is this… why yes! Yes, this is the Weakly Ghost Bulletin, risen from the grave like Jesus himself. Hallelujah! Eerie Photo of Little Girl Followed By Ghost Goes […]

Weakly Ghost Bulletin #7

21 February, 2015 3

Hold onto your hats as we dive into the ghost stories from recent publications that aren’t quite what they seem…

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