My journey into non-belief

22 June, 2014 11

I recently wrote on my social media accounts that I no longer identified with the skeptic movement and followed this up with a blog post explaining what I meant. A small group of people from the […]

Delusional and Woo.

1 January, 2014 8

I’m going to cut to the chase – it’s patronising to tell people they’re deluded and harming themselves and others based on what they believe in. We all have delusions of some sort, and if […]

Please stop calling our guests “mad”.

29 May, 2013 3

The people we interview on the Be Reasonable podcast often share ideas and beliefs that are way out there. I get that. There are occasions during the interviews where I sit in stunned silence wondering […]

Turning your back on nonsense

26 June, 2012 7

In reflecting my previous blog post called ‘When claims of authority fall flat on their face’ I realise I was too quick to judge the Bomber County Paranormal team. Since writing my criticism is has […]

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