We are the Monsters

10 April, 2016 3

We all consider ourselves to be rational, ethical people, and we wouldn’t dream that we were potentially harming others with our behaviour. As a previous blog post showed, ghost hunters who do unethical things do not always realise that […]

‘A cold, angry bunch’

5 December, 2015 0

Vice has published a great feature called The Real ‘X-Files’? It’s a mini-documentary about Roswell and the legend that still lives on and it’s fascinating to watch because of the insight Joe Nickell provides to the […]

A Humanist Ghost Buster

13 May, 2015 2

I stopped believing in ghosts in 2007 and for the first few months I decided that the best use of my time was to explain to others how the things they thought were true were […]

Do 34% Of Brits Believe In Ghosts?

1 November, 2014 0

The Sun newspaper recently commissioned a poll from YouGov to see what percentage of the population believed in paranormal things, such as haunted houses, ghosts, and the ability to communicate with the spirits of the […]

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