Sally Morgan Said What?

Sally Morgan regularly dismisses the criticisms and questions from people who doubt her claims to have psychic ability. She ignores the requests to allow her abilities to be tested in controlled conditions, her staff members harass people outside of her shows who are handing out information to the general public, and she tells the media that her critics send her regular death threats in what I can only perceive as an attempt to attach that stigma on any skeptic who dares to openly question her…

…and then she has the gall to tell her followers that doubt is perfectly okay?

Boy, the irony is strong with this one.

I condemn anybody who sends another person death threats because they make claims with no evidence to support them BUT I always felt it was unfair of Morgan to lump all of her critics in with those who act in that manner when the majority of skeptics and non-believers do not act in that manner. It was almost as though she was doing so to rid herself of the need to respond to those criticisms… which is why I’m glad that Sally Morgan is finally seeing it from our perspective.

With this new revelation from Morgan perhaps people can now hand out leaflets outside of her shows without receiving homophobic slurs and violent threats.

Hoorah for progress, but excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.

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