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Eerie Britain cover‘With ancient ruins, handsome countryside and quaint customs, Britain is a pleasant spot. Furthermore, (and, perhaps most importantly,) roast dinners, hearty puddings and steaming pots of tea abound. But lo, the heart-warming features of British life aren’t the only things to be found upon this venerable archipelago, for it seems that around every corner there lurks a ferocious monster legend, a mysterious tale or a terrifying phantom—ready to jump out and scare the pants off you…

These are the first words you read upon opening the first of two books by MB Forde in the Eerie Britain series, and boy, does this preface set the scene for what’s to come! Imagine the best ghost walk you’ve ever been on (or heard of) and then imagine that the guide isn’t bound by time or distance – able to take you to any year and any place within the British Isles. That is the experience Eerie Britain offers, and I was transfixed from the moment I began.

In Eerie Britain 1 & 2 (available from the Amazon Store), Forde covers tales that will be familiar to anyone who knows their stuff when it comes to hauntings across Britain – from the McKenzie Poltergeist, Ghosts of the London Underground and Gef the talking Mongoose to the South Bridge vaults, Highgate Cemetary, The Skirrid Mountain Inn and more… but even though I was familiar with most of the stories covered there was something captivating about the way in which Forde explores them. Those who aren’t familiar with any of the stories covered will surely find these books a delight.

I read book one in one sitting, excitedly tweeting to my followers about the horrors of the London Underground – a place teeming with ghost stories that has always fascinated me. The book has simply intrigued me even further (and grossed me out a little, but that’s to be expected with plague pits and crypts galore.) At one point I was so engrossed in the stories that something fell over in the room I was sitting in and it scared me silly. This is the sign of a good ghost book.

A book that transports you away from where you sit and throws you into the ghost story. The fact that the stories in this book retell real experiences that people have reported to have had is even more intriguing. Another strength of Forde’s is his inclusion of the more skeptical conclusions and ideas that surround each case, allowing readers to make their own minds up.

I wholeheartedly recommend these books and hope that Forde will release more over time. Whether you believe in ghosts or not it is undeniable that Britain has some of the most fascinating paranormal folklore out there and the Eerie Britain books champion such stories in all their grisly glory.

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