Pastor Terry Jones is wrong

US pastor Terry Jones has apparently said that we should all  “Hold Islam accountable” for the murders that have happened in retaliation for his book burnings. At least seven United Nations staff were murdered (with reports suggesting that up to 20 people may have actually been killed) after extremists stormed their compound in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The murderers beheaded two U.N. guards, seized their weapons and began shooting those inside the compound after a demonstration against the Koran burnings in the U.S. turned violent. Jones is quoted by press outlets as saying:

“‘We must hold these countries and people accountable for what they have done as well as for any excuses they may use to promote their terrorist activities. The time has come to hold Islam accountable.”

Here’s the thing though, I personally hold Islam as accountable for the action of a handful, as I do Christianity for the actions of Terry Jones.

By that, I mean not at all accountable.

Terry Jones does not speak for every single Christian on this planet, just as those who murdered the U.N workers were not speaking for every Islamic person on this planet.

Retaliation on the part of those few who broke into the UN compound and killed those people is not justified, and I am not suggesting that for one moment.

However, I don’t believe that the blame lays squarely at Jones’ feet either – yes, the attack and murders were in direct response to his actions but, those who broke into the compound and killed those people didn’t have to do that. They, and they alone are responsible for their actions.

Pastor Terry Jones is a bigot.

Those who murdered the UN staff are bigots.

Bigots will always be bigotin’, but let’s not pretend that they speak for the majority when they do so.

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  1. I think it’s pointless to even discuss whether a religion is to blame for an action. There are as many worldviews named “Islam” as there are people termed “Muslim” and neither word means anything useful. So, Islam is to blame for the murders — but Islam isn’t, and neither is Islam. Just like (Terry Jones’) Christianity is a bigoted and petty faith, but (my friend Sharon’s) Christianity is peaceful and tolerant. Much better to remove the ambiguity and say “Terry Jones is a petty bigot”.

  2. Oh, and I think the second comma in

    I personally hold Islam as accountable for the action of a handful, as I do Christianity for the actions of Terry Jones.

    reverses the meaning — some people say “hold as accountable” but nobody says “as big, as a house”. Just a heads-up.

  3. unfortunately pastor Terry Josen is as mad as the extremist. He is one of these. If we think that we are better then the islam extremist, or better of any sort of extremist, we must so conduct us self.
    We must do something in accordance with our moral, and our moral is independent of that, what the extremist say or do.

  4. Terry Jones just burned a Quoran. 17 people have died in Afghanistan
    that should be alive and well. Isn’t it time to stop this type of bigotry.
    While living in Germany, Jones claims he received a honorary Doctorate
    and was actually calling himself Dr. Jones. The thing is this is nothing more than pride, the first original sin. He has no advanced education on the subject of Islam or even advanced Religious educaton of any type. His
    Church should be closed immediatley by the State of Florida if for no other reason , because he is a ignorant dooshbag, and his pride demands more than his 15 ninutes of fame. Sit down and shut the hel up Dooshbag!!!!!

  5. Jesus said to love your neighbor. In fact, he said to love your enemies. Mr. Jones hasn’t any experience with this teaching. Maybe it just doesn’t produce enough media time to suit him.
    The Bible also tells us not to worry about the speck in our brother’s eye when there is a log in our own eye. Apparently Mr. Jones doesn’t have any experience with this lesson either.

  6. No difference between Pastor Terry Jones and Osama Bin Laden because both are creating violation I am a Muslim and i would proudly say that and i do not think that others are my enemy and in our country i know atleast 500 people whom i personally talked do not accept this type of things as we all have read in Quran that you follow your religion and let others follow their religion you can’t force or you can not say anything about their religion and also yes you can invite people to join Islam in a well manner. We muslims do believei in Bible as well as in Quran it is written that if we want to believe in Allah the Alimighty we have to believe in the book he send for us Quran Towrat Engil(bible) as all the books was sended by the messengers. First of all i would like to ask MR.Pastor Terry Jones to show in where in the Quraan it is written that to act terrorism now if he don’t know anything about Quraan how he can say Because of Quraan Muslims are acting terrorism. Ok so lets talk about American terrorist rubber and other murders i mean the criminals who kills for money etc etc what about them they are not Muslim they are not following Quraan so how they are acting terrorism they have read bible as well they are cristains then why they are acting terrorism. So let him answer this question first.

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