The Monster

I wrote this short poem while travelling from Lake Windermere up to Loch Ness. It was inspired by the stories surrounding both Bownessie and Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

The Monster Hayley Stevens

Choppy waters, hiding monsters,
Something rises, catching eyes,
Swirling up, liquid shadows,
Depth of colour, monstrous size

Creatures Swimming, break the surface,
Fleeting sighting, ‘what was that?’
Body gliding, twisting, looping,
Water slides from otters back

Fear the monster, see the monster,
Whispered voices, ‘So I hear…
Feed the monster, feed the story,
Mystery thrives, facts disappear…

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Hayley is a ghost geek and started to blog in 2007. She uses scientific scepticism to investigate weird stuff and writes about it here while also speaking publicly about how to hunt ghosts as a skeptic.

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