Is This The Beast Of Bodmin?

According to ITV West Country, Henry Warren was taking photos of Bodmin Moor when this “mystery creature” pictured above jumped out in front of him and ran off. Could it be the legendary Beast of Bodmin? Probably not. 

In my opinion this is a fox – one without a bushy tail which is no uncommon among foxes (particularly if they have mange which, sadly, is also not uncommon.) There are a few things that jump out at me immediately upon viewing the photo of the alleged beast that convince me of this; it has a reddish coat, the front legs are those of a fox leaping as it runs (see below for a comparison photo), what at first looks to be a blunt cat-like head is actually an illusion caused by shadow cast on the foxes head as it looks away from the camera.

photo: Wikimedia
Fox Jumping. Look at those cute little paws! Photo: Wikimedia

There is also nothing in the background of the photo to provide a rough scale of the animals size (no trees, fences or walls), only bushes and shrubbery, so I do not believe that it is as large as we first assume it to be (think: Essex Lion which turned out to be a cat, for an example of a similar instance of this happening.)

Foxes are totally cool, but even so, I don’t think they quite qualify for “BEAST” status.

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3 Comments on Is This The Beast Of Bodmin?

  1. I don’t know what I can say other than this is no beast. Do you think maybe he has uploaded the wrong picture? Even the picture of the fox is run of the mill. Mangy flea ridden fox that in trust has seen better days…Beast!!! lol

  2. Saying that though…..IF you look close at the nose end of this so called “BEAST” it does look like a wild puma type cat.Also the tail end bushes out like some wild cats do. I no vet or wild cat man or expert .If I could upload a picture I could explain my actions better. I still say this has the marking of a fox and maybe the angle of it head is making it seem like a wild cat.

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