Has Amanda Byram been faking ghosts?

I was sent a link to this news story featured in the Canterbury Times by the journalist who wrote it, asking for my opinion. The story is about a supposedly strange photo captured by TV presenter Amanda Byram. The photo is of Byram posing with two members of the public, and next to them is a translucent shadowy figure.

amanda byrams utterly shite fake ghost

The “ghost” is nothing more than a fake created using either an iPhone or Android app, or perhaps acetate in front of the lens with the ghost drawn on in marker (though my money would be on the Smartphone App). There are numerous different applications that allow you to add this kind of ghost (and even UFOs) to your photos. You can see similar in a previous blog post of mine by clicking here. It could be a joke, or it could have been posted on Twitter in the hope of drumming up interest in an upcoming documentary called ‘Paranormal Whitstable’ that will be hosted by Byram.

The Red Sands Radio website reports that following their coverage of the CCTV footage that emerged from the Whitstable Nutrition Centre that allegedly shows a box of tea-bags “mysteriously” floating off of a shelf, they were called by TV Producer Stuart Andrews  about a new program being produced about occurrences in small towns in England called ‘Paranormal Whitstable’.

Whitstable. The town that keeps on giving…

…giving shit ghosts, that is.

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  1. Photo bombing, knocking stuff off shelves, slowly spinning statues in museums and numerous other inane paranormal activity… if this is the afterlife, I want to be immortal.

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