Stone Tape Projector

The Stone Tape Projector, it is claimed, can be used to project an image from the energy held within a material object, such as a brick, or a piece of clothing. The projector is nothing more than plasma bulbs that are shone onto smoke from a smoke machine, or a piece of fabric.

Those observing the Projector in action are told to take lots of photographs as this is happening. When they check back they often see faces and other recognisable shapes in the light. These are suggested to be ghosts, but in reality, are nothing more than visual illusions.

derek acorah stone tape projector apparition

The projector takes its name from The Stone Tape theory – a popular idea that suggests inanimate materials and objects might absorb some form of spiritual energy from living beings, and that this “recording” or stored energy, can be released resulting in a display of the recorded activity aka. a ghost apparition.

Due to the speculative nature of The Stone Tape theory there is no evidence that The Stone Tape Projector can do what it is claimed it can do, and the photographs that contain supposed faces and similar are simple illusions caused by the light and/or smoke.

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  1. Never heard of this thing, but it sounds made-up.

    A Kirlian camera should be more effective; it shows far-field fluorescenty even of dry bodies. The HV discharge serves as a carrier for milder modulations that can then be seen.

    There are no illusions, only delusions.

    A theory is already proven, so there must not be a stone tape theory.

  2. Some people will say and do anything these days…What will be next. Alien landing on the USA white house lawn…There is no scientific facts, proof of any of what has been said in this ..I think it just nothing more than than some poor invention …lol . Like everything else that people come up these days claiming it can do this and that..Next there be a hot line to God….. Why do people even give these types of people any internet media time…Poor research at best “There are no illusions, only delusions. and peer nonsense Some guy/women trying to make a name for him or her self but making crap and again trying to foll the public into believing the bullish statments all though to public are getting wise to the so called paranormal inventions and the money to be made by there false claims.

    All this is is nothing more than a large box, approximately 50cm at each side. It was reported that the box contained a police scanner and that various components were made of Bakelite, due to its high silica content. There was a blue light, which was emitted from the top of the box. Next to the box was a plasma globe, which was described as a Van de Graaff generator. A cable ran off the stage and was attached to the stone of the prison building. A smoke machine was arranged so that its stream passed through the blue light. We were told that this was no ordinary smoke machine. It allegedly emits special ‘high-silica’ dry ice. The sketch below should give an idea of the arrangement of the components which make up the projector .The machine was started up and the beam from the blue light illuminated the stream from the smoke machine. Images of spirits would be displayed on the smoke. The audience were encouraged to take photographs of the smoke and if anything interesting appeared, to come to the front to show everyone. There were a few dozen people who came forward, and some of the pictures they had taken did have reasonable facsimiles of faces in them. Unfortunately why do people believe in this bull ..face in the mist..Again it face in the mist and a form of pareidolia people see what they want to see….

    What a loads of pants…

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