Many believe that Infrasound can cause people to have ghost-like experiences. This is usually because Vic Tandy and Dr Tony Lawrence wrote a paper in 1988 called “Ghosts in the Machine” for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. They cited infra-sound as the cause of apparitions seen by staff at a so-called haunted laboratory in Warwick – including Tandy himself.

After he had a few strange apparitional experiences he suggested that the infra-sound being produced by an extractor fan was making his eyeballs resonate, which caused him to see an illusion. Tandy cites a NASA research paper that says the eyeball resonates at 18hz, and points out that the infrasound in the laboratory measured in at 18hz. However, there are a few issues with Tandy’s interpretation of the NASA technical report as pointed out in a 2012 paper by Steve Parsons which is linked to below.

There have been studies conducted over the years to see if infrasound can cause people to have strange experiences, but until positive results can be replicated with proper controls in place it is difficult to say infrasound is likely a sole cause for anomalous experiences. In their 2006 paper ‘Good Vibrations: the case for a specific effect of infrasound’ Jason Braithwaite & Maurice Townsend concluded the same thing.

Recommended reading

The Ghost in the Machine‘ by Vic Tandy and Dr Tony Lawrence

Infrasound and the Paranormal, Steven T. Parsons

The NASA technical report

‘Good Vibrations: The case for a specific effect of infrasound in instances of anomalous experience has yet to be empirically demonstrated’ by Jason Braithwaite & Maurice Townsend

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