Fake ghosts: a horror story in Cheltenham

[TRIGGER WARNING: Infant death]

Update: I got in touch with the news paper, read here>>

The Gloucestershire Echo ran a story about a Cheltenham resident, John Gore, who claims to have captured the ghost of a baby on camera in his home. According to John’s neighbour, a previous occupant of his house had a baby that died of cot death so John believes that the ghost he has caught on camera is that baby. You might think that’s an illogical yet fair conclusion for someone to reach – but what if I told you the worst part of this story? What if I told you that the ghost that John captured on camera, that he has associated with this tragic dead baby, is a fake ghost. Would it make your stomach flip angrily too?

How do I know it is a fake? How am I so sure? Because I have the same app on my iPhone too. Here is the same ghost in my house, haunting my dog Lucky:

The scary thing is that my dog has become quite attached to this ghost:

It was with me at my first ever public talk at a paranormal conference back in 2009:

It even followed me to Preston Manor in Brighton recently, here it is on the Servants staircase:

These photos are a result of the ‘Ghost Capture’ iPhone App by ‘GhostsDontExist‘. It’s a funny app and can be good fun, but there is something sinister about somebody using the app to create a simple fake ghost photo, and parading it around as proof that their house is haunted by the previous occupants dead baby.

That crosses a line from funny to damn disrespectful. I sincerely hope the mother and father who had to experience the sad loss of their child never find out the memory of their baby was used as part of a pathetic ghost gag.

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5 Comments on Fake ghosts: a horror story in Cheltenham

  1. I don’t know what’s worse, the JohnTroll for cooking up this sickening nonsense in the first place or TiG for printing it.

    Oh no. Wait a minute. I do. It’s John, isn’t it?

    A bit of a no-brainer.

    I sincerely hope that if the story about the cot death is true, that the parents don’t ever see this.

  2. I knew as soon as I saw it yesterday that it was fake, what an absolute idiot to try and pass it off as a baby.

  3. Poor Lucky. No, kidding. Every dog would be pleased with a little friend like that.
    I fear ‘John’ does not have friends like that. He should not have anyway. Wan**r. (excuse my French)

  4. There are so many aspects and levels that are disturbing here.

    Lack of objective journalism, namely asking questions before going with a story such as this, considering the sensitive cot death issue before to print. Sensationalism and tragedy sells the most newspapers… 🙁

    One has to wonder of the fallout of this, will the house now by investigated by quick to call paranormal investigators, psychics and suchlike?

    • I know people on the ground in the local area to this story, and I know they’re keeping an eye on this situation. I am personally contacting the paper on Monday to hopefully chat to the editor about this.

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